Monday, September 22, 2008

What if American forces attack us?

Had somebody told Iraqis even in late 80’s that America would attack them, they would have ridiculed him at great lengths. Had somebody even merely mentioned to Afghans in 90’s that after Russia, US will attack their country, they would have considered him crazy. If somebody tells us Pakistanis today that America will attack us in future, what will we do?

I presume that most Pakistanis will not laugh, instead they will nod their heads gravely. So what will happen if America attacks Pakistan? What would everyone do? Here is my opinion,

  • The hypocrites in armed forces, politicians, industrialists, technocrats, clergy, bearucrats and landlords will leave the country in no time.
  • Rest of the country will be charged up in no time, because they already knew that this would happen sooner or latter.
  • Army will make it clear to world that we haven’t acquired the nuclear and missile capability merely for display or vanity.
  • Politicians will mobilise and organise the populace very rapidly within hours of knowing them that America intends to attack.
  • Almost all people of country will volunteer for the war
  • The terrain of Pakistan so diverse and difficult that US armies will prefer to remain in air and in Arabian sea. Pakistani missiles with nuclear warheads can reach their very easily and don’t forget our friends in gulf. India will think umpteenth time before hitting us. Their all cities are marked with precision by us, rest assured.
  • Very Very few factions from within country (almost no one, contrary to Afghanistan and Iraq) will join hands with US forces in attacking Pakistan.
  • China and Iran will surely be on our side, overtly or covertly.
  • Afghanistan is already playing in hands of America.
  • India will gleefully aid American in attacking us.

Pakistanis have a history to forget their divisions in time of disasters. The war of 1965 and current earthquake are the clear manifests of it. Pakistanis love peace and hate terrorism. We wont allow terrorism either from so-called Al-qaida or US. We will die instead of becoming conquered by foreign troops, but before dying we will make an unprecedented example of aggressors. We will not wage war on anyone, but we will defend our ideology and country with every drop of our blood.


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