Monday, September 8, 2008

I protest against US attacks in Pakistan

Words cannot express the full extent of our anger and frustration while it is simultaneously impossible to also convey our helplessness when we stand and watch a deranged, rouge foreign militia repeatedly choosing to launch invasions after invasions into our territory in pursuit of their ‘own’ seven year war on terror. It is this inhumanity that infuriates us as in the path of their destruction they leave behind dozens of our own citizens dead, mutilated and injured simply left for us to clean, mop and heal.

It has been a very well known fact that this past week the Government of Pakistan had ordered its army to seize all activities in the troubled areas of Pakistan, a move taken to pacify the tensions and an attempt to try and bring the warring factions on the negotiation table, but this was also a goodwill message in the holy month of Ramazan. Despite those local efforts the US Army continues run daily bombing sorties of pilot-less drones into the North Waziristan area, whatever explanation they may have in defense, it truly must signify an assault on a sovereign nations trying to ransack our country for their own agenda. Could it be that someone forgot to teach these Texan cowboys that the use of force makes matters worse, not better. It is this inhumane aggression that has made far more freedom fighters than actually reducing them, and if these aggressiveness were to continue I can only imagine it to get worse, not better

I now join Farhan Janjua and Adnan Siddiqui in condemning these US invasions on Pakistan. This is just our voice to say no and condemn the US Government for their attacks on Pakistan, we naturally urge all Pakistanis to join us hand in hand asking the newly elected government to stop negotiation with the US Government and say enough is enough.

Its time for us to resurrect Pakistan and start the healing process, now is the time or else I fear Pakistan is headed for a far tumultuous future and at that time these so-called bribing allies will stand eagerly on the sidelines eagerly waiting for their own share of the cake, little willing to lend us a helping hand then

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