Monday, September 22, 2008

9/11 everyday (Allah khair)

Goodness - who gets killed? The poor pakistanis. Who are already striving hard. Yet finding it difficult to feed their families even twice a day.The drivers waiting in car park, the poor security guards. May Allah bless them all in eternal peace. Its going to be a hard struggle for their families from now on. May Allah bless them all.

Pakistan’s 9/11, as Najam Sethi mentioned, seems so APT.

But for someone's 9/11 that happened ONCE why should we let them make our country a 9/11 everyday?

Inna lillah e wa inna alyhe rajeyoon!

Allah khair. Even in Ramadhan - at aftar time … all this. Where are we heading? Who are these people? Nation destabilisers.

Unable to think straight now.


The idiots who are leading this nation (sigh) have already deserted Islamabad. One off to praise uncle sam and the other coward to Lahore. That's what proud leaders of proud nations do.

And yeah ... that’s what you get when you say “Yes Sir” blindfoldedly to Uncle Sam.

All Pakistanis can go to hell. No ... wait ... lets create the hell here. Straight away!

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