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The genocidal Israeli onslaught against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is strikingly similar to the German blitz in the initial stage of the Second World War. The pretexts are nearly the same and the behaviors of both Nazi and Israeli political and military leadership are nearly identical. And as the German Nazis sought to justify their blitz against their neighbors to the east, using a plethora of carefully concocted lies and pretexts, Israel is doing virtually the same thing.
However, unlike the Nazis whose naked aggression was widely condemned around the world, the ongoing Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip is being condoned, even celebrated, by a huge media network throughout the western world from Sydney to Los Angeles.

Today, Israel is decapitating Gaza while claiming that it is only fighting Hamas. The Israeli air force is targeting and destroying schools, mosques, private homes, charities, public buildings, drug stores, colleges and universities, all under the false pretext of fighting Hamas. This is not a war against Hamas. It is a war against the Palestinian people as is obvious from the fact that the bulk of the victims are innocent civilians. And like all criminals, Israel is resorting to the fabrication of lies and half-truths to justify its genocidal blitz against an essentially unprotected people. Many, probably most Jews in Israel and around the world, are bragging about the “heroic” Israeli army and its “achievements” against Hamas. Some Jews have described the slaughter as the “best Hanukah present ever.” Well, I don’t really see any heroism in using state-of-the-art machines of death, such as the F-16 warplanes, apache helicopters and laser-guided bunker buster bombs against a people who don’t posses an army or an air force or anti-aircraft defenses.
There is no heroism, but sheer cowardice, in launching these deadly bombs at unprotected civilian buildings just as there was no heroism in the targeting of unarmed civilians by the Nazi war machines.
For sure, even the weakest air-force in the world could bomb and destroy unprotected buildings and kill as many civilians as seen fit by morbid minds of Ehud Barak’s ilk. In short, the Israeli onslaught against a people who don’t possess the means to defend themselves and can’t protect their children from Israeli brutality is an act of sheer cowardice. It can be compared with the Nazi SS strafing Jewish protesters with machine gunfire.

Israel and her mouthpieces in the West claim that Israeli army, a Jewish Wehrmacht by any standard of objective analysis, is merely reacting to Palestinian projectiles fired from Gaza onto Israeli settlements outside Gaza.

Well, this is only a pretext for two many reasons:

The so-called Qassam projectiles are symbolic and nearly innocuous weapons that make more noise than damage. During the past eight years, less than two dozen Israelis were killed by these projectiles. In the meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians, mainly children and other innocent civilians, were annihilated by the indiscriminate Israeli death machine. These are war crimes because even in war, there is proportionality and using excessive force, mainly against civilians, in reaction to minor provocation puts Israel on equal footing with Nazi barbarianism.

There are those who would argue that Israel has the right and duty to defend its citizens. Well, this is not the real issue, because one could argue that even the worst state in the world has the right to defend its citizens. But Israel has been savaging an entire people by imposing a Nazi-like siege upon them on no other account than to punish them for electing a government that both Israel and her guardian-ally, the United States, didn’t like.

In short, Israel has been effectively telling the Palestinians, in word as well as in deed, that they face two choices: Either to starve to death, or be exterminated by the Israeli war machine. In other words, the Palestinians must die if they resist and die if they don’t. This is while the Israeli hasbara (propaganda) machine keeps telling the world that Israel is only fighting Hamas and defending its citizens.

Well, Hamas may not be completely blameless in a certain sense. However, it is imperative to remind the world that the Islamic movement repeatedly voiced its willingness to stop the firing of “all” projectiles from the Gaza Strip if only Israel would reciprocate and lift the Nazi-like siege.
And as we all know, Israel consistently refused, insisting rather arrogantly that it had the right to kill the Palestinians and invade their territories whenever it deemed fit.
Needless to say, this is exactly the same sort of arrogance, insolence and bellicosity that characterized Nazi behavior.

A few days ago, Israelis analysts described the genocidal onslaught against Gaza as the Israeli version of the American “shock- and –awe bombing” at the beginning of the American invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. Shock and awe against a thoroughly tormented and completely savaged people who have been through a hateful blockade, unprecedented in its cruelty and wickedness.

I can’t understand why Jews are behaving the way they are. Do the scenes of havoc and destruction and death in the streets and refugee camps of Gaza give them self-confidence? Do they enjoy watching Palestinian kids mutilated to smithereens by these hellish missiles launched at apartment buildings and homes from high altitude.?

Does it make them feel that they are finally defeating Hitler?

I am asking these questions because I have seen Jews dancing and celebrating rather joyfully the carnage in Gaza. Indeed, a fleeting glance at the Israeli media these days reveals a sick and cannibalistic society that is as bestial as Nazi Germany was during the holocaust.Perhaps I am doing some injustice to the Germans. After all, the Germans were living under a hateful and tyrannical dictatorship that would have brutally crushed any protests by conscientious citizens.But, unlike Nazi Germany, Israel claims to be “a light upon the nations,” “the only democracy in the Middle East” and a civilized western nation.Well, if such is the behavior of “democratic” Israel, just imagine how the Jewish state would behave once the terrorist entity fell in the hands of manifestly fascist forces and parties.I have repeatedly warned in my writings that Israel is capable of committing a genocide or a holocaust against the Palestinian people and other peoples of the Middle East.

My warnings are not empty propaganda aimed at besmirching Israel’s image. Likewise, they are not motivated by anti-Semitism or hatred for the Jewish people, many of whom I respect and admire.But the shocking pornographic slaughter in Gaza should be viewed as a clarion vindication of my warnings. Israel simply represents the Nazis of our time.
I know that many people around the world, especially in the West, realize the veracity of the analogy deep in their hearts. But they are afraid to call the spade a spade lest they be tarnished and hounded and harassed by the powerful Jewish media which more or less controls the public discourse in many western nations.But the timidity of these cowards will not help them. Today, the Palestinians are the victims. But, surely, tomorrow will bring with it more victims, and Europeans and Americans in particular will not be immune.
Their lives may not be under an immediate threat now. But their freedoms certainly are.
Let us remember on this somber occasion the words of Martin Niemoller who lamented the bankruptcy of German intellectuals in the few years preceding the Second World War.
“In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”
For God’s sake, let us learn from history, because today’s Israel is strikingly similar to 1936’s Germany.
Please, say No to Jewish Nazism before it is too late.

Photos To See What Zionist Israel Has Done

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Atrocious Images of the Zionist "Cast Lead Massacre"

GAZA - Over 300 Palestinian are dead, over 1.100 are wounded, almost 200 of them seriously, including children.Gaza governmental buildings were targeted, security buildings are in ruins.The attacks destroyed the police headquarters of the Gaza Strip, a police graduation ceremony was held during the assault.Confirmed casualties include the Commander of Gaza police force Tawfiq Jabir, the Commander of Gaza Security and Protection Services, Ismail Al-Ja'bari.and the Governor of the Al-Wusta (central) Districts Ahmad Abu Aashur.The pride of Gaza, the Palestinian Olympics Committee buildings are leveled to ground.Gaza life-nerve, the smuggling tunnels are bombed to dust. Shells from missiles pounded Rafah tunnels on Sunday evening. Two Palestinian are dead, they suffocated in the tunnel, 22 people are injured. Three Holy Mosques are bombed to rubble, destroyed are many residential homes and cars.

Gazan families were threatened through loudspeaker to evacuate their homes ,before intense Israeli shelling began in the northern Gaza Strip.In Jabaliya refuge camp, Israeli bombs pounded down on residential homes, killing and injuring the inhabitants.The Zionists ordered residents of the refuge camp to evacuate their homes. During heavy air strikes, families whose homes faced imminent destruction, in cold weather until early morning with warplanes hovering above,people were gathering together in small groups, sitting on rooftops ,across the northern Gaza Strip. In Gaza city,without warning the Zionists bombed the Al-Burno Mosque where people had sought refuge, the Mosque annexed to the Ash-Shifa hospital compound,was bombed on Saturday night.

Monday, December 22, 2008

India Ready For Strike at Pakistan: US Report

NEW DELHI: India may have ruled out the military option against Pakistan in the aftermath of Mumbai terror attacks but the international intelligence community continues to believe that strikes in kashmir and specific targets could still happen.

Global intelligence service Stratfor, in its latest report, said, "Indian military operations against targets in Pakistan have in fact been prepared and await the signal to go forward."

It added, "These most likely would take the form of unilateral precision strikes inside Kashmir, along with special forces action on the ground in Pakistan proper."

Meanwhile sources close to Pakistan defence said that Pakistan arm forces are fully capable and ready of defending mother land and any strikes or assault on Pakistan will be dealt with stern and appropriate reaction.

The private sector intelligence service said that unlike the massive movements of 2002 during Operation Parakram, India's preparations this time were more under the radar and not visible to the world at large. Its only indication was the fact that the Border Security Force (BSF) has been put on high alert on the western sector as well as the eastern sector — this paramilitary force's main mandate would be to prevent infiltration.

"Sources have indicated to Stratfor that New Delhi is going through the diplomatic motions in order to give Pakistan the opportunity to take care of the militant problem itself — but if Islamabad failed to address India's concerns, then India is ready to attack Pakistan" Stratfor said.

Three weeks after the attacks, India has gone out of its way to reassure everyone that it is not thinking of military action on Pakistan. This was most recently conveyed by Indian high commissioner to Pakistan Satyabrata Pal to Awami National Party chief Afsandyar Wali Khan in Islamabad earlier this week. But India continues to tell all its international interlocutors that its patience will not last long, particularly if Islamabad cannot crack down on terrorism.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mumbai Attacks Plans to break up Pakistan

Robert Gates in Alex Jones show with all kinds of kooky conspiracy theories.
At least this man is not a Pakistani or an ISI agent. People of INDIA should open their eyes.
INDIAN people should realize that india is being utilized as tool.....WAR with PAKISTAN is a big mess...it will only benefit US. its will also destabilize INDIA.

India should not accuse Pakistan of the terrorism which prevailed in Mumbai. And if any case, war will broke among the countries, then the entire world should know that Pakistanis are united, they are one. Don’t forget the war of 1965 when people, instead of getting scared and not leaving their houses, were on the streets. I still visualize the images which I was told by my grandparents regarding the war. Many people of Lahore with their minute weapons moved towards the Wagah border. They had no proper weapon but they were more than willing to die for their country. They were patriotic then and they are patriotic now. Pakistan is our motherland and we will do whatever we can, to save our country.


The War in Iraq Costs

Consider the costs...

  • $4,681 per household.
  • $1,721 per person.
  • $341.4 million per day.

Learn more...

  • Learn about alternative national security policy here.
  • Find out what YOU can do here.

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Shoe attack on Bush mars farewell Iraq visit

Iraqi Journalist Hurls Shoes At 'Dog' Bush

Baghdad, Iraq, 14 December 2008 (AFP) - An Iraqi journalist Montadhar Al-Zaydi hurled his shoes and an insult at [War Criminal] George W. Bush, without hitting
him, as the US [Israeli-ZionCon] President was shaking hands with the
Iraqi premier at his Baghdad office on Sunday.

As the two leaders met in Nuri al-Maliki's private office, a
journalist sitting in the third row jumped up, shouting: "It is the
farewell kiss, you dog," and threw his shoes one after the other
towards Bush.

[THIS IS THE FAREWELL KISS, YOU DOG! "This is a gift from the Iraqis.
This is the farewell kiss, you dog," the journalist shouted (in
Arabic), Steven Lee Myers of The New York Times reported in a pool
report to the White House press corps. Myers reported that the man
threw the second shoe and added: "This is from the widows, the orphans
and those who were killed in Iraq." - AP]

Maliki made a protective gesture towards the US [Israeli-ZionCon]
President, who ducked and was not hit.

The journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia [satellite TV]
channel which broadcasts from Cairo [Egypt], was frogmarched from the
room by security staff, an AFP journalist said.

Soles of shoes are considered the ultimate insult in Arab culture.
After [Iraq's President] Saddam Hussein's statue was toppled in
Baghdad in April 2003, many onlookers beat the statue's face with
their soles.

Some Iraqi journalists stood up to apologise.

The White House said Bush ducked to avoid the first shoe, while the
second narrowly missed the [Israeli-ZionCon] President.

Bush said: "Thanks for apologising on behalf of the Iraqi people. It
doesn't bother me. If you want the facts, it was a size 10 shoe that
he threw."

Playing down the incident, the [Israeli-ZionCon] President later
added: "I don't know what the guy's cause is... I didn't feel the
least bit threatened by it."

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(3) More Than 1,000,000 Iraqis Murdered by US-NATO
(4) The LANCET Magazine:
Mortality After the US 2003 illegal Invasion of Iraq - A Cross-
Sectional Cluster Sample Survey
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(6) Arrest Bush: http://www.arrestbush2009.com
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(11) Impeach the US War Criminals: http://www.democrats.com
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(14) Drive Out the Bush Regime: http://www.worldcantwait.net
(15) A Rise in Civilian Deaths and Foreign Troop Fatalities in
illegally Occupied Afghanistan

Send virtual shoes, too! 'I urge everyone around the world to email George Bush at president@whitehouse.gov a picture of a shoes

George W Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC, USA

The Game - Can you throw a shoe at bush?


Friday, December 5, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks : THE TRUTH

Did A Ship Really Sail from Karachi to Mumbai with Terrorists? NO! Here's Why!

Total Distance from Karachi Port to Mumbai Port = 500 nautical miles
1 nautical mile = 1,852 metres exactly
One nautical mile converts to:
* 1,852 metres (exact)
* 1.150779 mile

The speed of the troller India accused of that traveled from Karachi to Mumbai was traveling in is 10 nautical miles per hour at the max!

Lets do some simple math. We have distance, we have speed. We can get the time.

T = Distance/Speed
T = 500/10
T = 50 hrs (Just a little over 2 days)

Now here's the interesting bit.

Number of Radars along the West Indian Coast = 21 known

21 radars missed a troller that was illegally traveling in Indian waters for over 2 days? And a troller is no little fishing boat, it's visible to the naked eye. How in the world did the Indian Navy not see it? Not even 1 Indian Navy personnel on the coast or at sea managed to detect it.

Why couldn't the detect it?

1. Indians failed to detect movement of the alleged merchant ship from Karachi and then its off loading of passengers at high sea.

2. These 10 daredevils traveled in rubber dinghies up to Bombay shores unnoticed. Was the Indian coastal defense system asleep?

3. The terrorists waded through the marshes of Bombay coastline, reached the road network, hijacked police vehicles, divided themselves in three groups and then headed for their targets in the posh localities of Bombay, and EVERYTHING GOES UNNOTICED.

4. Like precision guided missiles these terrorists reach their targets and take over heavily guarded two 5-star hotels, dodging the security system of the entire city of Bombay and the internal security system of these 5-star hotels and the Jewish center also.

5. They fight it out with Indian commandos for 3 days and all but one is killed. The Indians claim that he is ISI sponsored. If we believe the Indian storyline, it defies logic. How can a professional spy agency like ISI commit the following mistakes:

a. Sailing the terrorist off from Karachi. Why not Dubai, Chittagong or Eden for better deception?

b. Credit cards of Pakistani origin in their pockets. Do the suicide bombers carry the IDs in their pockets?

c. Their Pakistani Punjabi ascent. The first lesson given to intelligence operators is to adapt to local environments. If such an operation was planned by Pakistan and ISI, the operatives would have known that they would have to communicate/negotiate with the hostages and others and hence would have concealed this giveaway sign.

Critical Questions Unanswered

1) If the terrorists were Pakistani, how did they have such an intimate knowledge of the terrain? The two or three cowards who attacked the CST on Wednesday night made their way from the CST through a road on the left side of The Times of India building towards the Cama and Albess hospital/Azad Maidan police station, a route that is known only to true-blood Mumbaikars. Were they locals? Or did they conduct extensive reconnisance of the likely routes of escape?

2) The terrorists are said to have done extensive reconnisance of the city. If they are Pakistanis, how did they get earlier entry to the city unnoticed? Did they come in by boat? Or did they use other routes to escape notice?

3) Such an operation could not have been conducted without extensive training and preparation, possibly on models of the Taj and Trident or Chabad House/Nariman House. Could this have been achieved at the rudimentary training camps hosted by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Pakistan occupied Kashmir? Or was it a more systematised operation conducted by a State agency in a hostile country?

4) Could some of the terrorists have come by boat from the Alibag-Murud Janjira area in Maharashtra's Raigad district, rather than from Pakistan? Boats ply through the day from the Alibaug area to the Gateway of India, and it would be easy for terrorists to use this mode of transport rather than high-speed boats which would have attracted the Coast Guard's attention.

Who Could Be Possibly Behind The Attacks?

A) Hindu Terror Groups
1. Shiv Sena – Army of Shiva
2. Bajrang Dal
3. Durga Vahini
4. BJP

A ragtag, government-armed Hindu militant groups have been raised in Kashmir and northern India during this decade.

B) Kashmiri Freedom Fighters
Hizbul Mujahideen
Harkat-ul-Ansar or Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islami
Jaish-e-MohammadMujahideen E-Tanzeem
Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front
Al Badr
Al Barq
Al Jehad
Jammu & Kashir National Liberation Army
People’s League
Muslim JanbazForce
Kashmir Jehad Force
Jehad Force
Al Umar Mujahideen
Islami Jamaat-e-Tulba
Islamic Students League
Mutahida Jehad Council
Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqar Jafaria
Al Mustafa Liberation Fighters
Muslim Mujahideen
Al MujahidForce
Islami Inquilabi Mahaz

C) Could They Be From Assam?
Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT)
Dima Halom Daogah (DHD)
Karbi National Volunteers (KNV)
Rabha National Security Force (RNSF)
Koch-RajbongshiLiberation Organisation (KRLO)
Adivasi Cobra Force(ACF)
Karbi People's Front(KPF)
Tiwa National Revolutionary Force (TNRF)
Bircha Commando Force(BCF)
Bengali Tiger Force (BTF)
Adivasi Security Force(ASF)
All Assam Adivasi Suraksha Samiti (AAASS)
Gorkha Tiger Force(GTF)
Barak Valley YouthLiberation Front (BVYLF)
Muslim United LiberationTigers of Assam (MULTA)
Muslim United LiberationFront of Assam (MULFA)
Muslim Security Council of Assam (MSCA)
United Liberation Militia ofAssam (ULMA)
Islamic Liberation Army of Assam (ILAA)
Muslim Volunteer Force (MVF)
Muslim Liberation Army (MLA)
Muslim Security Force (MSF)
Islamic SevakSangh (ISS)
Islamic United ReformationProtest of India (IURPI)
United Muslim LiberationFront of Assam (UMLFA)
Revolutionary MuslimCommandos (RMC)
Muslim Tiger Force (MTF)
People’s UnitedLiberation Front (PULF)
Adam Sena(AS)

D) Maybe Nagaland?
National Socialist Councilof Nagaland (Isak-Muivah)– NSCN(IM)
National Socialist Councilof Nagaland (Khaplang)– NSCN (K)
Naga NationalCouncil (Adino) – NNC (Adino)
Tripura Liberation OrganisationFront (TLOF)
United Bengali LiberationFront (UBLF)
Tripura TribalVolunteer Force (TTVF)
Tripura Armed TribalCommando Force (TATCF)
Tripura TribalDemocratic Force (TTDF)
Tripura Tribal YouthForce (TTYF)
Tripura LiberationForce (TLF)
Tripura Defence Force (TDF)
All TripuraVolunteer Force (ATVF)
Tribal Commando Force (TCF)
Tripura Tribal YouthForce (TTYF)
All TripuraBharat Suraksha Force(ATBSF)
Tripura Tribal ActionCommittee Force (TTACF)
Socialist Democratic Frontof Tripura (SDFT)
All TripuraNational Force (ATNF)
Tripura Tribal Sengkrak Force (TTSF)
Tiger Commando Force (TCF)
Tripura Mukti Police (TMP)

Hynniewtrep NationalLiberation Council (HNLC)
Achik NationalVolunteer Council (ANVC)
People’s LiberationFront of Meghalaya (PLF-M)
Left-wing Extremists
People's Guerrilla Army

Terror in Mumbay’ & Malegaon ‘Hindu Terror’, Any Connections? Who ‘hired’ them?
Militant Hindu involvement are slowly being uncovered!

1. ATS Chief Hemanth Karkare was intelligently uncovering the masks of the real ‘terrorists’ who were behind the terrorist attacks in India. He was given a threat to his life just two days before.

2. The 1st target were the ATS leaders - three of them the most wanted by Malegaon criminals and immediately shot dead in early hours, including Hemanth Karkare.

3. The terrorists entered Mumbai from the sea but they did not cross international borders. Instead they just took off from Gujarat, within Indian territory!

4. It is well known that ‘Mumbai Terrorists’ had very good and excellent knowledge about their targets, the most important one was the ATS leaders! They are well familiar with Taj and Oberoi Hotels and other targets!

5. In the first 38 hours of the operation, there were no clues obtained with Pakistan's involvement nor in the media.

7. Unlike Leshkar-e-Tayyeb’s jehadists with beards and turbans, these youngsters are clean shaved. Are they really Jehadis? One of the terrorists the media showed was wearing a yellow band on his right hand (a sanghi sign, as seen in Gujarat riot scenes - even RSS female cadets wear it)!

8. Why did Modi visit Mumbai? Other CMs of other states didn't. He immeditely declares the hands of Pakistan in ‘Mumbai Terror’ - how does he know? He immedately declares of financial aid of 1 crore to every military man killed, to Maharastra. What's the connection of Gujarat to the ‘Mumbai Terror'?

The Indian Government, Armed Forces & Intelligence FUCKED UP

Within weeks of the September 11th attacks, Washington had gathered sufficient details about a possible terrorist attack on US soil. Although nothing was done about it (for whatever reason), the government and armed forces had prior knowledge.

For an attack of this scale to take place in India's largest city, without the knowledge of the Government, Armed Forces and Intelligence is ridiculous. It's quite apparent that either the Indian establishment is completely retarded or they had prior knowledge to this attack, and may have infact played a significant role in it as well.

It's odd, how the Indian Navy always manages to arrest Pakistani fishermen, yet couldn't stop a "ship full of terrorists". The reason why they couldn't stop this ship was because the ship never left Karachi...it left GUJARAT!

Whatever is being said in the media is a complete lie. India is trying to cover-up a massive SCREWUP by blaming Pakistan. They all suffer from post-Partition syndrome.

1. To Make India Look Like Victims of Terrorism
It's hilarious they are making themselves look like victims, when infact it's this very same country which is supporting and carrying out terror in Kashmir and Assam!

2. Take Pressure off Kashmir
This year spawned one of the largest ANTI-INDIA protests in Kashmir ever since partition! The people of Kashmir on many occasions this year came out and managed to get the attention of the international media - this had and still has Delhi worried. Kashmiris are more angrier now than ever before.

3. India's "Love" For Pakistan
It's a well known fact they love us. This country united stronger than ever to face off against India (IF IT IS TO OCCUR-WHICH I HOPE IT DOESNT). Tribals from the FATA region offered 3 million volunteers! All the political parties came together.

The expected India Pakistan War

People have already started talking about the expected indo-pak war. I came across a number of people in the past two days, Is war the only solution? India thinks that Pakistanis are involved in the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

These terrorists are not Pakistanis. They are not Muslims. They are not even humans. These are insane people who are snatching away the lives of innocent people in the name of Islam. How can India even think of attacking Pakistan when Pakistan itself is not a safe haven for its very own people? Being a Pakistani, I can unquestionably say that Pakistan doesn’t have anything to do with these attacks. The terrorists and extremists who were involved in these attacks don’t belong to any particular country. In fact such people are everywhere now. What they want is to create panic; they want to create misunderstandings among the countries.

India should not accuse Pakistan of the terrorism which prevailed in Mumbai. And if any case, war will broke among the countries, then the entire world should know that Pakistanis are united, they are one. Don’t forget the war of 1965 when people, instead of getting scared and not leaving their houses, were on the streets. I still visualize the images which I was told by my grandparents regarding the war. Many people of Lahore with their minute weapons moved towards the Wagah border. They had no proper weapon but they were more than willing to die for their country. They were patriotic then and they are patriotic now. Pakistan is our motherland and we will do whatever we can, to save our country.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

The making of terrorists in India

This is a heart touching and a emotion wrenching tale of the massacre in Gujrat. Where thousands were slaughtered just on the pretext that they are Muslim. It really helps a lot to make muslim terrorists.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crimes and Terrorism of Terrorist Mafia Government of India

Hindu Militants Continue Violence Against Christians in India
Seek to Wipe Out All Traces of Christianity

By Council of Khalistan - http://www.khalistan.com

Washington DC, USA (Khalistan.com) - The wave of violence against
Christians in Orissa [India] continues. Militant Hindu nationalists
affiliated with the militant, pro-Fascist Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh
(RSS), have called for a nun, who was raped by their activists, to be
arrested and they have reportedly sought to wipe out all traces of
Christianity from Orissa.

On October 21 [2008], a group of Hindu women from the Rashtra Sevika
Samiti - an outfit affiliated to the Sangh Parivar (an organization
under the umbrella of the RSS) - demonstrated to demand the arrest of
a nun who was raped during the violence that erupted in the area in
August. "They want to arrest the victim," noted Dr. Gurmit Singh
Aulakh, President of the Council of Khalistan [based in Washington DC,
USA]. "That is offensive to anyone's sense of decency." Asia News
reported that the Sangh Parivar, another Hindu fundamentalist group
affiliated with the RSS, "[is] becoming more methodical. Sometimes
with police assistance they prevent Christians from meeting to pray,
try to murder new converts, and are trying to take over the land where
churches and Christian homes once stood in order to wipe off the face
of the Earth any trace of Christian presence."

Dr. Aulakh made it clear that the Council of Khalistan and the Sikh
Nation support the Christians in fighting the oppression. "We are on
your side," he said. "First it was Sikhs, Muslims, Dalits, now
Christians," he said, referring to a wave of anti-Christian oppression
that has been raging since Christmas 1998. "The rape of any woman,
especially a nun, is shameful," he said. "Nuns renounce sex and are
'married to Christ.' Raping them is an attack on the Christian
religion itself," he said. "They have tried to wipe out Sikhism and
Buddhism. Now the Indians [Hindus] are trying to wipe out
Christianity." Dr. Aulakh's efforts to help Christians have been
praised by John Dayal, President of the All-India Christian Council.

The latest attacks in Orissa are part of an ongoing campaign of
violent harassment of Christians that has been going on since
Christmas 1998. Churches have been burned, Christian schools have been
attacked and Christian prayer halls have been vandalized. Missionary
Graham Staines was murdered in 1999 in Orissa by a mob of militant
Hindus chanting "Victory to Hannuman," (a Hindu god) while he slept in
his jeep, along with his two sons. The killers have never been
punished. Missionary Joseph Cooper was so severely beaten that he had
to spend a week in an Indian hospital, then he was expelled from the
country. Many nuns have been raped and made to drink their own urine.
Priests have been murdered. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), an
organization under the umbrella of the militant, pro-Fascist, Hindu
nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), justified these crimes
by calling the nuns "anti-national elements." The RSS, the parent
organization of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has published
booklets on how to implicate Christians and other minorities in false
criminal cases.

In April, according to Compass Direct, about 70 violent Hindu
nationalists chased and threatened two Christian women from a Gospel
for Asia Bible college after a Christian worship service. They burned
the church. All the Christians escaped except the two young women. The
Hindu militants threatened: "We will burn you like Graham Staines and
his children!" A leader of the BJP was quoted as saying that everyone
who lives in India must either be a Hindu or be subservient to

India has murdered over 250,000 Sikhs since 1984, according to figures
compiled by the Punjab State Magistracy and human-rights groups and
reported in the book The Politics of Genocide by Inderjeet Singh
Jaijee. It has also killed over 90,000 Kashmiri-Muslims since 1988,
2,000 to 5,000 Muslims in Gujarat, more than 300,000 Christians in
Nagaland since 1947, and thousands of Christians and Muslims elsewhere
in the country, as well as tens of thousands of Assamese, Bodos,
Dalits, Manipuris, Tamils and other minorities. The Indian Supreme
Court called the Indian Government's murders of Sikhs "worse than a

According to a report by the Movement Against State Repression (MASR),
52,268 Sikhs are being held as political prisoners in India without
charge or trial. Some have been in illegal custody since 1984! Amnesty
International reported that tens of thousands of other minorities are
also being held as political prisoners. We demand the immediate
release of all these political prisoners.

Dr. Aulakh noted that the repression of the Sikhs has echoes in the
repression of the Christians. "It is sad that in the name of religion
[Hinduism or Hindutva], violent acts like this are carried out," Dr.
Aulakh said. "We strongly condemn the violence against Christians,
which is sadly reminiscent of the violence that has been committed
against Sikhs, Muslims, and others," Dr. Aulakh said. "They murdered
several priests and they murdered Staines and beat Cooper. Similarly,
the Indian Government murdered Sardar Gurdev Singh Kaunke, Jathedar of
the Akal Takht. If you are a religious leader of a non-Hindu religion
in India, you are in danger," he said. "The burning of churches and
the vandalism of prayer halls and schools is an attack on fundamental
religious institutions. These attacks on churches remind me of the
Golden Temple attack. They constitute an attack on the religion
itself, Dr. Aulakh said. "That is unacceptable, especially in a
country that promotes itself as a secular democracy." He noted that
India recently signed a civil nuclear agreement with the United
States. "I call on the Bush Administration and its successors [the
Obama Administration] to work with India to ensure that basic human
rights are enjoyed by Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Dalits, and all the
people living under Indian rule," he said. "We must continue to press
for our God-given birthright of freedom," he said. "Unfortunately, the
Indian Government does nothing but encourage and support this
repression and violence. Is this the face of modern Hinduism [or
Hindutva] and the so-called secular India?" - [Council of Khalistan -
Press Release - 22 October 2008]

Council of Khalistan: http://www.khalistan.com

(1) Israeli Mossad and U.S. CIA, the International Backers of the
Mumbai Attacks


PHOTO: http://www.rense.com/1.imagesH/shot_dees.jpg


(2) Israeli Mossad Behind the Mass Terror Attack in Mumbai, India?


(3) Mumbai the Israeli Mossad Angle


(4) HinduCon Terrorist Atrocity in Mumbai, India


(5) Hindu Supremacist Terror Network had Ties to Indian Military


(6) Hindu Terrorism


(7) Indian-HinduCon BJP Defending Terror Practitioners


Indian-HinduCon BJP Support For Terrorism Accused Condemned


Indian-HinduCon RSS Bomb Menace


On Rise of Communalism, HinduCon Chauvinism and Terrorism


(8) Kashmir Media Service: http://www.kmsnews.org

(9) EIR: http://www.larouchepub.com

(10) Russian Analyst Predicts Decline and Breakup of the USA


Saturday, November 29, 2008

There is no such group in India as Daccan Mujahideen.

For the past many weeks, the biggest story in India was involvement of Indian Military Intelligence officers in orchestrated acts of terrorism against Muslims to create a Hindu-Muslim riot situation as well as to create a justification for war against Pakistan. Many Indian army officers were caught
and Indian Police was forced to work deeper into finding more BJP, Bajrang Dal and RSS terrorists in Indian military and Intelligence setup. This story had created a serious panic in Indian military and their Fascist patrons in Hindu Zionists. Something had to be done to divert the attention of the world and Indian public from acts of terrorism by Hindu Hardliners. .....Then comes the Mumbai Massacre.

Even when the shootings were going on in hotels, Indian media and army were blaming Pakistan for the attacks. The game is clear and sinister. The Indian Intelligence have diverted the global attention towards another issue where they would blame Pakistan for this slaughter and use Barack Obama's doctrine of attacks on Pakistan to encircle Pakistan from both sides. It is such a shame that Pakistani media is not highlighting this issue and is only repeating what Indians want the world to see and

There is no such group in India as Daccan Mujahideen.

In the coming days, Pakistan should prepare for a high risk threat response as Indians would go to any limit to open another front against Pakistan to divert the local and world attention from their internal fascist elements in Hindu Zionists and military intelligence. The enclosed document is a BT policy paper and explains the actual sinister game which Hindu fascists are trying to hide.

May Allah protect Pakistan from all enemies.

Why india always blame Pakistan ?

The Mumbai Drama - its plane by any indian agencies like in Samjohota Express to show america that they are as affected as America or pakistan.it does not matter 4 agencies tht they can kill their own people for internation interse.
  Think about it.

   why pakistanies will do this try to feel the pain of pakistanies people who loses more life than indian in this terroist war. than how u can say that these people are muslim  and pakistanies.if they are muslim then why they are killing inocent people in pakistan .In last year pakistan has more sucside attack then any other country in the world.then who is responsible for that. this is not the time to Blame but to think positively.
   Dot just blame Pakistan or Islam.

 like Mugdha  and others blaming pakistan for all that and saying that india has given enhough time to change its wrong absoultly wrong.just look at the facts that acctually pakistan has given indian agencies alot of time but they are not changed their behavior.pakistan has more proof then india that india is supporting terriost in pakistan  to kill inocent people in pakistan and every one in world knows this truth.you people are so much heart by this terriost attack but can you feel the pain of thoes poor security gurads or police man aor other peoples thoes are the only supporter of their famlies . dont blame pakistan just look at the FACTS then decied  whats the realiaty

     1)  When bomba blast in  sanjohata Express   and india blam pakistan .but accttualyat the end its prove wrong and the truth is  indian army officers are responsible for that . if you LOOK at that time next morning Pakistani fornminister is going to talk to indian fornminister about peace proccess between two country.

   2)  Same at this time again pakistani fornminister is in india for peace talk . and this sad incident hapend .and indian politician and media starts blaming pakistan .It showes that some callpurates in india does not want peace.

   3) Very IMPOTANT thing is that if any one with this number of people and with big amount of expolusive and wapon then whats indian police and border agencies are doing .its impossible that any one from out side the country can entre in the country like this in the day time in front of every one.its a drama by indian agencies just to show ameraca that we have affacted by terrorism .I am amaze that they kill too much people in their own country just for to get the attension of america .

 4)i feel very bad for india media that there role is not so good they are just try to misguide their people and government .From very first second they are blaming pakistan and islam .this is not right attiude.they should wait till tje operation end and police does its investigision and come to a  conculusion. i just want to khow that from first second how indian mediia blame Pakistan.with out any investigasion.Indian media should play a fair role and dont try to make any misprepation.media should look at their role. 

just look at the fact that what your agencies are doing with their own people then blame others . 

Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Are the Deccan Mujahideen?

One must alwaysbe suspicious when a “new” terrorist organization crops up. Today’s horrific attacks in Mumbai were claimed by a previously unknown group calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen. But one India journalist claims the pattern of the attacks suggests that Lashkar-e-Taiba, a nasty Islamist organization based in Lahore, Pakistan, and with a significant presence in Kashmir and links to al Qaeda, may be to blame.

Here’s where it gets interesting — and I stress here that I am just speculating. Lashkar-e-Taiba’s main goal is to expel India from Kashmir. In the past, some have accused elements of the Pakistani military and intelligence services of having ties to the group. Pakistan’s government has always hotly denied such accusations.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has in recent weeks moved closer to the United States, made some significant gestures toward India, and moved shut down the political wing of the ISI, Pakisan’s powerful intelligence service (that’s the unit that tries to steal elections). How likely is it that some angry “rogue elements” of the ISI, aligned with Kashmiri jihadists and a team of Indian domestic extremists, sought to head off these moves? I have no idea, but it’s definitely a theory worth exploring.

There’s another more straighforward explanation for today’s attacks — revenge. A group calling itself the “Indian Mujahideen” has claimed responsibility for attacks in a number of different cities over the past several months. The Indian Mujahideen sent a warning in September expressing anger over recent raids by the city’s antiterrorism squad (ATS). Today’s message from the Deccan Mujahideen appears to be identical:

You should know that your acts are not at all left unnoticed; rather we are closely keeping an eye on you and just waiting for the right time to execute your bloodshed. We are aware of your recent raids at Ansarnagar, Mograpada in Andheri and the harassment and trouble you created there for the Muslims.

“You threatened to murder them and your mischief went to such an extent that you even dared to abuse and insult Maulana Mahmood-ul-Hasan Qasmi and even misbehaved with the Muslim women and children there.

“If this is the degree your arrogance has reached, and if you think that by these stunts you can scare us, then let the Indian Mujahideen warn all the people of Mumbai that whatever deadly attacks Mumbaikars will face in future, their responsibility would lie with the Mumbai ATS and their guardians - Vilasrao Deshmukh and R R Patil. You are already on our hit-list and this time very very seriously.”

The chief of Mumbai’s ATS was killed in a gun battle with some of the attackers today.

UPDATE: On CNN just now, terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna says that the Indian Mujahideen are most likely to blame, and they are the same group as the Deccan Mujahideen. “No other group has the capability,” he said, emphasizing the group’s strength in Mumbai. He also pointed out that such attacks would have taken months of planning.

Are people forgetting that the messages from the “Indian Mujahideen” traced back to American Kenneth Haywood’s laptop? Are the “Indian Muhadideen” (and the “Deccan Mujahideen” for that matter) really Muslim terrorists? Seems highly questionable. Again, ask yourself - who benefits? Who has real motive? Who’s pulling the strings?

A quick review:

Opening the Doors of Hell in India

…22 separate bomb blasts claimed between 42 and 45 lives in Ahmedabad, western India…..When a note claiming responsiblity did emerge, it was sent to India’s largest television networks, written in English and originating from a standard Yahoo account. It was also signed by a group called the “Indian mujahadeen” – previously unknown to authorities – and it focused on massacres committed by Hindus against Muslims…the police managed to track the source of the mail to a wifi connection in the Navi Mumbai area of Mumbai, a newish development targeted decidedly at the upper range of Mumbai’s demographics. This was unusual – terrorists operating out of a yuppie suburb. Police also confirmed that the cars used in the Ahmedabad attacks were also stolen from Navi Mumbai….when police tracked down the wifi signal it turned out that the laptop from which it emanated belonged not to a wizened old sheik or a member of Mumbai’s mafia families, but to an “expat American” by the name of Kenneth Haywood…. Campbell White, the firm that Haywood works for, is not a multinational company at all. Or, if it is, it’s certainly a very strange one. What I’ve managed to find out is that Campbell White is effectively a front for a far right Christian cult….[read more of the article for connections between Campbell White's employees and Christian ministry in India]

The Strange Case of ATS and US Citizen Ken Haywood Fleeing India

Times of India redeemed its credibility when it published as its front page banner headlines, the shocking news of Haywood leaving India despite a lookout notice. Haywood had been under Anti Terrorist Squad’s scrutiny, over the matter of the infamous Email supposedly sent out in the name of a fictitious organisation calling itself ‘Indian Mujahideen’, traced to Key Haywood’s laptop. For over weeks, while ATS had questioned reportedly 1000 people and searched neighbourhood apartments, trying to figure out, how Ken Haywood’s laptop could have been hacked, if at all. A narco test on Haywood too had been carried out. According to ATS, Haywood has not been arrested. In Muslim circle, this glaring discriminative practice is a matter of much debate and heartburn, that just because Haywood is a US citizen, he is being given preferential such kid glove treatment.

The curious case of Ken Haywood

Mumbai/ Bangalore , August 13: Ken Haywood, the American national from whose Internet Protocol (IP) address the terror e-mail was sent prior to the Ahmedabad serial blasts, underwent lie detector tests on Wednesday, a senior police official said in Mumbai. Maharashtra’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), which is probing the case, traced the e-mail to Haywood’s flat in Navi Mumbai and found that his background and job were “of a slightly dubious nature”. But the information available so far is not good enough to charge him or suggest his involvement in the case.

…Physical and Internet-based checks on other past and present employees of Campbell White like Scott Grabowska, a former Mumbai-based international protocol trainer, David Curwen-Walker, a senior operations manager, and Jonathan Heimberg, a senior information services manager, both in Bangalore, have shown links to the church. For instance, Curwen-Walker and Heimberg head the Door churches at Kammanahalli and Koramangala in Bangalore.

Maybe Jonathan Heimberg hacked fellow Campbell White employee Ken Haywood’s laptop. According to the employee information they removed from their site, “Jonathan’s vast experience, and training in Computer Programming, Systems Security and Electronic Encryption gives our customers great peace of mind in the age of Identity Theft, and Corporate Espionage.” Did the authorities check? Is there any way for them to? And why should they?

Well, consider the connections between Jewish Zionists, Christian Zionists and Hindutva along with the connection between the interests of Israel, America and India (neoliberal imperialism, predatory capitalism):

Zionism and Hindutva in the U.S. Update - May 2004

by Raja Swamy

….While USINPAC differs from FISI in terms of specific institutional ties with Hindutva, both share a common passion for Israel’s perceived military, and political power, and a desire to utilize the Israeli lobby’s experience and power, real and perceived, to further the ends of India’s ruling classes in alliance with the neoliberal Indian American big bourgeoisie. These ends include gaining the favors of U.S. imperial power, while welcoming predatory capitalism, and its institutional tentacles in India.

While FISI may be more Hindutva than neoliberal, USINPAC is more neoliberal than Hindutva. Both FISI and USINPAC share a vision of a militaristic India, antagonistic to Pakistan, and to different degrees, i.e. between outright hatred and blatant indifference, share contempt towards the rights of Indian Muslims….

Three years ago, it was noted that several Hindutva groups in the U.S. had begun to cooperate closely with extremist pro-Israel Zionist organizations. At that time, the most significant instance of this cooperation was the warm ties developing between New York based Rohit Vyasmaan’s HinduUnity.org, a front for Bajrang Dal in the U.S., and Kahane.org.4 Apparently, when Vyasmaan’s HinduUnity.org website was taken down after complaints to the service provider, he contacted the Kahane group’s director Michael Guzofsky who was then in Israel. Guzofsky introduced Vyasmaan to his friend Gary Wardell5, a businessman in Annandale Virginia, who now hosts both websites6. Wardell works closely with a Christian Zionist organization affiliated to David Wilkerson’s Times Square Church….


Hindutva groups are overwhelmingly supportive of the Jewish State of Israel, including Savarkar himself, who supported Israel during its formation.[16]. The RSS is politically pro-Israel and actively praised the efforts of Ariel Sharon when he visited India.[17]HYPERLINK \l “cite_note-17″[18] R.S.S spokesperson Ram Madhav recently expressed support for Israel.[19]

Initial report describes bomb-making factory linked to Hindutva parties was intended to fabricate terror

A report on the Nanded blast in April prepared by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and Secular Citizen’s Forum, has accused the Bajrang Dal of running bomb-making units with the intent of fomenting communal mayhem.

…The report says that the incident points to a larger plot by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to disrupt communal harmony and fan anti-Muslim feelings. RSS leaders have dismissed the allegations.


The Mumbai Drama - Who are the beneficieries of Mumbai Terror?

The Indian story on the Mumbai drama, and especially the silly linkage with Pakistan, is fraught with loopholes. The whole thing stinks. Just read this.

It is surprising that even if the so called ‘terrorists’ were Pakistani trained SSG commandos as alleged by many Indian members, I'm surprised how 12 men could besiege two major hotels for such a long while.

The hold ups were so well planned and executed with such precision!

Were all hotel security measures mere proxies?

Plus, 12 men vs. 1200 Indian security forces (involving everyone from Indian ATF to serving Indian Commandos) - the assault went on for almost 60 hrs!

Wow, isn't that rather shocking? 12 men vs. 1200 (with all helicopters/equipment etc.)? And yet such a long battle for the takeover by Indian authorities?

Either the alleged Pakistani trained commandos are at least 100 times superior to the combined force of the Indian forces A to Z or this was merely a drama orchestrated by the intelligence agencies in India to achieve ulterior motives in future - (just like the 9/11 was used as the Wild Card by the CIA to attack Afghanistan & Iraq).

Some of which is quite clear and has been repeatedly mentioned and identified by different Pakistani sources.

So here are the two possibilities: If it is proved that these 12 men were in fact Pakistani trained, then Indians should be ashamed of their Armed commandos who took 60 hours to clear out 12 men and should accept their inferiority when it comes to real time combat. If not, then Indians need to buckle up for a rough ride. There's an evil within their country that they'll have to fight and bring into limelight. RAW, by staging this drama, will indirectly be responsible for the massacre of almost 200 Indian citizens and another 300 casualties just to make way to achieve its hidden motives behind the whole drama.

Let's see how it unveils.

Who are the beneficieries of Mumbai Terror?

Hindu fascist organizations and its parent 'BJP'!

1. Unlike other terrorists, Terrorists in Mumbay has not demanded anything? They don't demand release of their co-prisoners nor demanded money... why?? what was their target then?

2. Unlike other islamic Jehadis with beard and turbans, why Mumbai terrorists came with strange look - they wore jeans and T-shirts; clean-shaved and no turbans nor any sign of muslims terrorists we normally watch on media?

3. And the Terrorists attackers did nothing specifically for western, even Israelis, it was sure if they were Jehadists!

4 Beer driking terrorists; Jehadi terrorists and non-alcoholic, however Mumbai Terrorists goes to the cafe and drinks beer before they start firing??

5. Mumbai terrorists (as shown by media) had close similarities with RSS cadres: Mumbai terrorist wearing an yellow band on his right hand as RSS cadres wears normally (see pictures).

6. Mumbai terrorists immediately find their targets by killing ATS leaders [Hemant Karakare, CP Ashok Kamthe & Vijay Salskar) in early hours of their terror? How they so specific the clearly chose ATS leaders? And the terrorist immediately ran away, why? & who was that terrorist?

7. Only one terrorists is caught lively (?), all others killed as in every encounter in recent past?

8. Mumbai terrorits are very clear about their targets, they are well experienced their hide abouts in Taj and other places?

9. Prime Minister, Sonia & LK Advani visits Mumbai, but no clues or no claims about ISI or Pakistan.. However No1 terrorist, Gujarat CM Modi hurry-up to Mumbai and declares that Pakistan is behind the attack without any doubt! [because he is the one who hired them]

Note: no other CMs goes to Mumbai..

And he offers rewards to every military men killed of 1 crore unlike PM and LK Advani? Even he offers aid to MahaRastra!

10. Media was widely reporting that there were IDs of terrorists recovered which shows Malaysian and Mauritious IDs however such references disappeared once Terrorist leader Modi's arrival!

11 The timing of Mumbay terror is well planned, just before state elections!

12. We are told that they came from Pakistan by sea? Indian military in boards sea were sleeping?? We told they came by speed boats? Yes, but not from Pakistan but from Gujarat!

13. It took contineous 60 hours to stop the terrorism! and most of terrorists killed!!

Zaid Hamid makes an excellent point here. As a Pakistani, I too find it intriguing that only days ago, for the first time, the reach and influence of indigenous Indian terror groups was being registered for the first time, with the arrest of two serving senior Indian army officers with links to Hindu terror groups involved in major terrorism acts;

acts that were blamed on Muslims. And now suddenly we have a spectacular incident, too sophisticated for any foreigner to execute without massive facilitation and support base, where allegedly Muslim terrorists have left behind an ID card and a cell phone with a SIM card originating in a 'neighboring' country.

How convenient. They should have checked better since they could have also found an ISI staff card on one of the dead terrorists. There are close to 100 groups in India, of all shades, fighting the Indian state and people, including Hindu terrorist groups.

India should get its own house in order before blaming 'neighbors'. This coming from a country where close to 600 Christians were killed just a couple of months back by Hindu groups, and 2500 Indian Muslims were burned alive in the 21st century's first incident of genocide, in 2002 and where Kashmiri, Dalit, and other minority women are raped everyday as part of Hindu religious oppression. Please read Zaid Hamid's anbalysis below and the attached report that exposes India's extremism. Ahmed Quraishi

For the past many weeks, the biggest story in India was involvement of Indian Military Intelligence officers in orchestrated acts of terrorism against Muslims to create a Hindu-Muslim riot situation as well as to create a justification for war against Pakistan. Many Indian army officers were caught and Indian Police was forced to work deeper into finding more BJP, Bajrang Dal and RSS terrorists in Indian military and Intelligence setup.

This story had created a serious panic in Indian military and their Fascist patrons in Hindu Zionists. Something had to be done to divert the attention of the world and Indian public from acts of terrorism by Hindu Hardliners. .....Then comes the Mumbai Massacre.

Even when the shootings were going on in hotels, Indian media and army were blaming Pakistan for the attacks. The game is clear and sinister. The Indian Intelligence have diverted the global attention towards another issue where they would blame Pakistan for this slaughter and use Barack Obama's doctrine of attacks on Pakistan to encircle Pakistan from both sides. It is such a shame that Pakistani media is not highlighting this issue and is only repeating what Indians want the world to see and

There is no such group in India as Daccan Mujahideen.

In the coming days, Pakistan should prepare for a high risk threat response as Indians would go to any limit to open another front against Pakistan to divert the local and world attention from their internal fascist elements in Hindu Zionists and military intelligence. The enclosed document is a BT policy paper and explains the actual sinister game which Hindu fascists are trying to hide.

May Allah protect Pakistan from all enemies.

Wassalam and dua

Pakistan Zindabaad.