Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why india always blame Pakistan ?

The Mumbai Drama - its plane by any indian agencies like in Samjohota Express to show america that they are as affected as America or does not matter 4 agencies tht they can kill their own people for internation interse.
  Think about it.

   why pakistanies will do this try to feel the pain of pakistanies people who loses more life than indian in this terroist war. than how u can say that these people are muslim  and pakistanies.if they are muslim then why they are killing inocent people in pakistan .In last year pakistan has more sucside attack then any other country in the world.then who is responsible for that. this is not the time to Blame but to think positively.
   Dot just blame Pakistan or Islam.

 like Mugdha  and others blaming pakistan for all that and saying that india has given enhough time to change its wrong absoultly wrong.just look at the facts that acctually pakistan has given indian agencies alot of time but they are not changed their behavior.pakistan has more proof then india that india is supporting terriost in pakistan  to kill inocent people in pakistan and every one in world knows this people are so much heart by this terriost attack but can you feel the pain of thoes poor security gurads or police man aor other peoples thoes are the only supporter of their famlies . dont blame pakistan just look at the FACTS then decied  whats the realiaty

     1)  When bomba blast in  sanjohata Express   and india blam pakistan .but accttualyat the end its prove wrong and the truth is  indian army officers are responsible for that . if you LOOK at that time next morning Pakistani fornminister is going to talk to indian fornminister about peace proccess between two country.

   2)  Same at this time again pakistani fornminister is in india for peace talk . and this sad incident hapend .and indian politician and media starts blaming pakistan .It showes that some callpurates in india does not want peace.

   3) Very IMPOTANT thing is that if any one with this number of people and with big amount of expolusive and wapon then whats indian police and border agencies are doing .its impossible that any one from out side the country can entre in the country like this in the day time in front of every one.its a drama by indian agencies just to show ameraca that we have affacted by terrorism .I am amaze that they kill too much people in their own country just for to get the attension of america .

 4)i feel very bad for india media that there role is not so good they are just try to misguide their people and government .From very first second they are blaming pakistan and islam .this is not right attiude.they should wait till tje operation end and police does its investigision and come to a  conculusion. i just want to khow that from first second how indian mediia blame Pakistan.with out any investigasion.Indian media should play a fair role and dont try to make any should look at their role. 

just look at the fact that what your agencies are doing with their own people then blame others . 

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Talha said...

Indian media & Government officials should not put allegations over Pakistan without providing evidence or declaring any evidence, could be their internal situation !! as they are about to have elections and could be one of the reasons for the opposition to hurt the moral of the current government to rule it for next 5 years.

We want PEACE for God sake. Both the governments of India and Pakistan are blindfolding their youths which could be very difficult for next generations. These elders do not deserve to rule