Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mumbai Attacks Plans to break up Pakistan

Robert Gates in Alex Jones show with all kinds of kooky conspiracy theories.
At least this man is not a Pakistani or an ISI agent. People of INDIA should open their eyes.
INDIAN people should realize that india is being utilized as tool.....WAR with PAKISTAN is a big will only benefit US. its will also destabilize INDIA.

India should not accuse Pakistan of the terrorism which prevailed in Mumbai. And if any case, war will broke among the countries, then the entire world should know that Pakistanis are united, they are one. Don’t forget the war of 1965 when people, instead of getting scared and not leaving their houses, were on the streets. I still visualize the images which I was told by my grandparents regarding the war. Many people of Lahore with their minute weapons moved towards the Wagah border. They had no proper weapon but they were more than willing to die for their country. They were patriotic then and they are patriotic now. Pakistan is our motherland and we will do whatever we can, to save our country.

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