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[ 9/11 Era + The Marriot Hotel Blast ] -- My thoughts

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The Marriot Blast - Aftermath
Another Day In Paradise It's around 2 am on a Saturday night and I find myself sitting here, writing this in sheer awe of the kind of horrendous tragedy that has gripped our nation's capital, with the kind of magnitude never before witnessed.According to the reports thus far, over 70 innocent civilians including some foreign nationals have lost their lives while 250 have been injured in this demented act of terrorism that defies all bounds of humane consciousness."Pakistan's 9/11" - is what they're calling it, as if brandishing the act with a title and laying a label on it makes things better in terms of understanding this psychotic phenomena that a rising number of pitifully miserable degenerates in our society propagate today, with the sole motive of attaining hidden political agendas all in the guise of religious virtuosity!

Truth is a whisper Funny thing is, people don't even realize the kind of atrocious anguish that these inhumane fanatics are inflicting every part of our country with on almost a daily basis. We're so oblivious to the reality of things back home, to an extent where it takes either a burnt Macdonald's store,emptied Coca Cola bottles down the gutter or a 5 star Marriott Hotel being blown to smithereens by ignorant subhuman freaks - to bring the reality of such a grotesque truth to the forefront of our busy lives.It's been almost over 2 years now that sporadic brutality, ferocious violence, twisted fury and malicious terror in the name of religion, has claimed thousands of innocent lives throughout the country - while our government has been unwilling or unable to do enough.
You scratch my back, I'll bomb yours Coming from a family with a traditionally long military background myself, it just burns my blood in sheer disgust, to see how these hot headed animals kill every single day by the dozens; young men belonging to our own armed forces in the North Western areas of our nation.Young Jawaans of The Pakistan Army and border security forces are constantly engaged in fierce gun battles, mortar rounds and brute onslaught of medium-heavy arms in the Northern and Western Waziristan belt of the country on almost a daily basis with tribal leaders, extremist militants and remnants of the Taliban regime. ( Point to note: I'm not talking about the innocent men, women and children who die in these areas everyday due to U.S airstrikes in the name of "The war on terrorism", since its common knowledge that these poor residents have nothing to do with the Taliban in the first place - I'm talking about the real pro Taliban militants that not only participate in homegrown breeding of extremist crackheads, but readily and willfully participate in such violence by planning attacks across Pakistan themselves) These extremist elements fire artillery shells and rockets at the Pakistan Army and blow up military convoys through improvised explosive devices, killing and injuring their own countrymen by the hundreds - all in the name of a "Jihad" that their sick interpretation of Islam has contaminated the minds of our youth in rural areas of the country with.

The "Jihad" brigade - Ignoranamous unit
"Shoot At Sight" 101 - class now in session Such twisted maniacs who call themselves "Muslims", brainwash these youths in rural 'Madrahssas' with the most vile and corrupt of Quranic interpretations, distorted enough to mislead the minds of the already illiterate and ignorant, thus paving the way for the attainment of politically motivated and religiously instigated designs that a religion they claim to reverently follow - itself brands as unjustifiable inhumane terror.Ever since 9/11 - most of us abroad have been under the impression that the filth of terrorism is an external problem, advocated by falafel eating rag heads in the middle east only. However, the years following the events of 9/11 have completely proven the opposite, demonstrating how homegrown terrorism is an internal curse that needs to be eradicated first, in order to even think about managing the external threats that such extremist savages pose to our country in specific and human society in general.

Soldiers of fortune
Man In The Mirror The Marriott blast is just another terrorist stamp that certifies the problem, it's just another emblem that represents the ugly reality of such a truth and stands today as just another hideous face staring right at us in a mirror that represents a bleak future, reflecting our own fate.Turning away on one's heels from such a loathsome sight isn't the answer, nor is breaking the mirror in sheer rage.The answer infact lies in reflecting upon the mirror's image, realizing the truth and rectifying the errors, in the ultimate quest to identifying, nabbing and eliminating the cancer that fosters contamination of our existences as a nation and as an Ummah!
Human Rights - The Islamic PerspectiveWe must differentiate right from wrong and as such 'project' that distinction to the world, thus preserving the essence of who we are as Pakistanis and most of all as proud Muslims.Islam is an all embracing system that has unequivocally guaranteed the fundamental rights of every living creature; such an all-inclusive concept of rights is beyond the reach of any other system.

The rope that we rarely hold on to.
On a general level, the glorious Qur'an rich with Allah s.w.t's immaculate wisdom asserts itself that taking the life of a human being is the same as taking the lives of all humanity:"He who kills a soul unless it be ( In legal punishment with the due process of law ) for murder or for causing disorder and corruption on the earth, will be as if had killed all humankind; and he who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humanity" [ The Holy Qur'an 5:32]Whereas on a more specific level in terms of the Muslim Ummah, the Holy Qura'n says:" Whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein forever. And the wrath and curse of God are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepare for him" [ The Holy Qur'an 4:93 ]The above two versions of legislation in regards to murder as mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, clearly proves that any act of indiscriminate violence, propagation of malicious sentiments, motives of creating mischief in the land and most of all unjustifiable murder of innocent human beings, is not only forbidden by God Almighty in the most strict of ways, but defying such rules and regulations would result in a severe and tormenting punishment for the scoundrel in the hereafter, regardless of who he is and what religion he 'presumably' followed.As Muslims who fear God, we should remember that Islam approaches human rights in accordance with the basic principles encompassing all humanity, holding each human being accountable for preserving and maintaining these inalienable rights; "The right to live" being the foremost.Hence, once you strip away a human being with the basic and foremost right of 'life', you commit the most serious of crimes not just against all humanity and the social fabric in general, but an unforgivable sin in the eyes of God Almighty, which is nothing but a one way ticket to the magical fun filled world of Hell fire!The same applies to "suicide", because suicide is an act of defiance of God, where the person takes their own life by turning their back on the Almighty and commits a serious crime against the human system of life that is regulated as a mortal test of our existences with a divine 'purpose' in the first place. Nobody has the right to 'end' that system and take the easy way out, no matter what the justification!Now, when you combine 'Murder' and 'Suicide' together and further embellish it with the fuel of religious fanaticism and politically motivated insanity, what you get is a very expensive yet highly fulfilling combo deal waiting for you on the table in the hereafter, who's food is best described in the Holy Qur'an as : "No food will there be for them except bitter dhari (a thorny plant),which will neither nourish nor satisfy hunger" [The Qur'an 88:6-7]“They will be given to drink boiling water,so that it cuts up their bowels (to pieces)” [The Holy Qur'an 47:15]I'm sure the subhuman cowards who committed the Marriott Hotel blast, are in for a savory, delightful, most succulent and truly scrumptiously of splendid treats! :)

The flight of the pure
Conclusion - Ignorance ain't no blissIn conclusion, it's quite simple really, the pitiful wastes of human flesh ( Be it religiously motivated Muslim fanatics, politically instigated militant extremists, internationally meddling CIA agents, Indian secret service RAW conspirators or any other group or entities one can ever point fingers at ) who committed this particular act of terror or any other ones in the past inside Pakistan or outside - are nothing but degenerate cretins and the lowest of living beings who are not only a threat to democracy, peace and tranquility, political / cultural stability, bridging of religious gaps, civil liberty and freedom - but most importantly to the fundamentals of basic human rights that seek to preserve the mortal chastity of every single human being on the face of the earth.Period!"Terrorism", has no religion, no culture, no justification, no substantial worth and absolutely no consciousness. May Allah s.w.t punish the criminals who commit such devastating heinous acts of human brutality and may he incur his wrath upon the likes of them both in this world and the hereafter.May the warmth of his mercy and the light of his beneficence; be a source of strength, patience and perseverance to the families of the innocents who have lost their lives and may he bless the souls of the dear departed with the soothing beauty and comforting grace of Paradise!
The Patriot's Prayer" Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country! " - John F. KennedyAs Pakistanis and as Muslims - we're a country and a people of immense capability and profound strength, if only we could lead forward with the light of faith and be a source of inspiration for the rest of the Ummah - the world just might be a better place!

"Collateral Damage" eh? :)
May Allah s.w.t bless our nation and save it from the claws of bigotry and the enslavement of ignorance; for the sake of our children in specific, and that of humanity in general!Ameen, Suma Ameen!Pakistan Zindabad!And....Allahu Akbar!

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