Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Trip to Murree

Karachi to Islamabad
Location: Karachi Air Port, Karachi to Rawalpindi. The start of my tour, from Karachi airPort. It was decided to travel by aero plane instead of train. Overall it was marvelous experience. My flight was sharply at 5:00 AM and reached at Islamabad on time after almost 1:30 hours. It was very economical and costs around 100 USD per person.

Rawalpindi to Murree
My next destination on this tour was to reach Murree and spend 2 nights there. After finishing some persnol stuff and shopping, we started our journey around 12:10 PM by taxi. Good news for Murree lovers that new Motorway to Murree it is almost finished, only metal ling is left on some part. This was bit boring one and half hour drive due to hot summer day. And you can feel Global warming effects if you are travelling to Murree after 10 years. Most of the snaps are took at Murree city on our first day of visit. It cost us around 20 USD from Rawalpindi to Murree on taxi.

Murree to Patriata
My very next day journey after reaching Murree was to visit Patriata Hills and enjoy chair lift and cable car. i decided to hire Jeep to go there, so that i can enjoy places on the way. After too much negotiations on the rate we hired Jeep on 18 USD for round trip and committed with driver to get back by 3:00 PM. It was an hour journey with lots of excitement to explore roadside areas and markets on the way. i found that local people were very innocent and tourism in those areas is the only better way of earning. Despite tourism there is no other business activity on these hill stations. Government should facilitate local and foreign tourists to explore the hidden beauty of this area and to work for the betterment of local people by engaging them in different tourism related activities. Roads should be better maintained to avoid any kind of accidents and to create awareness in drivers to properly maintain vehicles and follow road signs. Patriata chair lift & cable car is a must experienced thing and you can also enjoy horse riding on top of the hill. Patriata hiking track is very safe and wide and you can enjoy trekking on it. You must follow the maps displayed on the top hill for trekking to avoid to forget the way back. The chair lift & cable car cost almost 4.5 USD per person.

Murree, NathiaGali to Abbottabad
The next journey of My trip to Mansehra for Fairy Meadows, it was planned to get up early in the morning and reach Murree General Bus Stand to get bus for Abbottabad. i checked out from Hotel at 6:30 AM morning and reached to bus stand after 15 minutes walk. The total cost of Murree to Mansehra was almost 10 USD. Journey started at 7:20 AM and reached Mansehra near 11: AM morning via Abatobad. It was good journey to move from one Provincial area to another and observe changes in culture influenced by local traditions and values. On a way we have seen many foreign organizations are running number of programs for poor areas of country to increase the living standards and to provide basic necessities of life.

Back to Islamabad Air Port to Karachi
It was almost 5 days trip. then i come back Karachi

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