Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Islam of Talibans And American Taliban Agents inside Pakistan

Islam of Talibans

A large number of Muslims in Islamic World do not accept the Talibans Islam as a true picture of Islam. Their Islam is just based on the customs of afghan tribes and nothing.

The question that rises in ones mind: Are they doing the right thing?

What is the sunnah (custom, way) of Allah regarding the implementation of religion? The answer lies in the first and foremost source of Islam -- the Quran. It is stated in the Quran that ALLAH does not hold a person responsible beyond his or her capacity. Moreover, the period of 23 years in which the Quran was gradually revealed is a witness to the sunnah of Allah, that is Allah desires a gradual but a deep rooted change in the minds and souls of human beings, which ultimately reflects from their actions. The philosophy of this gradual implementation of religion is the avoidance of imbalance in the life of an individual and in the society, which can lead to the denunciation of religion by the people.
A criticism on this argument can be that the gradual implementation of Islam was restricted only to the time of its revelation, and now there are no reasons for the delay in the implementation of Islam. The answer is that all the laws related to moral values were already present in the previous religions, and Islam did not introduce those laws for the first time. For example, the punishment of adultery in Torah is stoning to death. But we know that it was some time after the establishment of the Islamic government in Madinah that these laws were implemented. So it can be safely concluded that Islam only holds an individual responsible for his or her deeds after it provides the environment in which the violation of laws can have no justification. As far as the correct interpretation of Islam is concerned, only that interpretation is reliable which emanates from the Quran and the Sunnah or the establishment principles of human intellect and nature. Now, if we focus on the situation of Taliban, we safely conclude that Taliban are neither striving to implement Islam in a gradual manner nor are they trying to evaluate the true Islam and understand the needs and requirements of the 21st century.impose Now let us take a look at some of the steps taken by the Taliban:

i) No education for women:
Imagine for a few moments what the fate of a country will be where women have no access to education. The whole nation will suffer generation after generation. The first school of a child is its mother. What is the legitimate reason in favour of education being forbidden for women?

ii) Hanging of Najeeb Ullah and his brother:
It seems that Taliban has forgotten the attitude of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) on the conquest of Makkah when he even pardoned the murderer of his own close relative.
The bottom line is:

i) Are Taliban presenting the true picture of Islam in front of the world? If not, would not they be held responsible for distorting the religion of Allah on the day of Judgement and paving the way for the enemies of Islam in this world?

ii) Are they ready to face the wrath of Allah on the Day of Judgement as a result of taking out their swords against Muslims?

American Taliban Agents inside Pakistan

The fake Talibans, American CIA agents are working inside the tribal areas of Pakistan to destabilize the Govt. of Pakistan and to impose the fake war on terror against Pakistan.
CIA is well experienced for the fabrication of enemies. Now CIA fabricate a new kind of Talibans against Pakistan who can attack on the mosques in the holy month of ramzan. Who can attack on the citizens of Pakistan everywhere inside Pakistan.
Pakistan will hit these terrorist everywhere inside Pakistan or Afghanistan and also hit their ......


Shamyl said...

I think you should get your facts straight! Whatever you are writing over here is what you've heard continously from the media of today that is completely under zionist control! I want to make your facts straight about the Taliban and their policies and why they did what they did!

i) No Education for Women
It is true that the Taliban in the begining banned women from going to schools and colleges. They said that they never wanted to stop women from education but from Western education! That teaches us nothing but fahashi! They said we wanted women to get education that is Islamic Education. Once they would be able to stabilize the country and economy (in Afghanistan) they would allow all women to get Islamic Education, which of course they never could because the whole world, even us Pakistanis turned against them (our own brothers).

ii)Hanging of Najeebullah
If Najeebullah was a traitor then he deserved to be hanged! Everything in Islamic teachings is about giving a lesson to the whole community, so that whatever crime is committed, it can be discouraged in such a way that no one dares do it again! Why do you think according Sharia hands should be cut off if someone steals! This is Islam whether you understand it or not!

iii) True picture of Islam
Don't be fooled by the image of islam given in the media! Taliban were the only people in the 1000 year history of Afghanistan to conquer it and bring peace and stability to this country. Afghanistan was known (and is again today) to be the biggest producer of poopy crops used to produce heroin. How did Taliban stop this cultivation upto 99%. Check it out yourself. Even the western media and documentaries of National Geographic accept this fact! They could only do it because they followed and implemented sharia! They did not travel in Merceds Benzs or own Acres and acres of land or travel to other countries for free. They brought peace to the country for the first time in its history only by following the teachings of Quran and Sunnah! These were and are the real Muslims! May Allah give these Mujahideen Victory over Kuffar

Anonymous said...


I think its YOU who need to get your facts straight, u have been fed on lies of the sensational Urdu media who have made heroes from the crap called taliban..

In any country where a person picks up a weapon and starts killing ones own army and civilians is called a traitor, but in Pakistan we make them heroes!! what a shame....

The taliban you call mujahideen are not even true muslims. Those who spill blood of innocent women and children can never by a muslim!!

Taliban is one of the worst thing to happen to this region after Changez khan, and taliban will also be remembered for their killings of anybody and everybody who doesnt agree with their evil religion (its far from islamic teachings) they are being funded by India, Russia and US to break Pakistan, and fools like you fall for it.

May allah give his hidayat to you and your like!!

Waqas Burki