Friday, October 3, 2008

The Dark Knight coming to Pakistan Cinemas

The Dark Knight

Batman is back with its fifth sequel and that too, with a bang, with Christian Bale as the American superhero. Primarily filmed in Chicago, The Dark Knight has been critically and commercially acclaimed as one of the best this year, becoming the second film to have earned more than 500 million dollars at the box office. The film revolves around Gotham City's armament Batman's fight with a new villain, the mass murderer and schizophrenic Joker, played by the gorgeous Heath Ledger and judging by the reviews, Ledger's performance has beat his very own Casanova and has been voted the US summer's best villain. The Dark Knight release followed by the star's death led to innumerous press attention and memorial tributes from fans as well as those who wouldn't watch the film otherwise.

"Heath's performance is extraordinary and I'm quite happy to say he steals the show. He does, absolutely. He's just phenomenal in it, " said Christian Bale.

The Dark Knight will be showcased on Eid at Universe Cineplex, Nishat Cinema and Capri Cinema in Karachi, Cineplex in Rawalpindi and DHA Cine and Sozo World, Lahore.


Just heard the news and confirmed from the Karachi Cineplex website "The Dark Knight" is coming to Pakistan's Cinemas. Most probably it will be launched at the time of Eid.

Very frankly I am not very much excited about this news since the quality of Cinemas here (And yes Cineplex is technically the worst Cinema here in Pakistan) doesn't allow you to really enjoy a movie, specially, if its a serious one like TDK. The movie is almost 3 hours long and the viewers here I think don't have temperament to bear a serious show like this.

So I guess, I will be waiting more till the DVD is out....... :(

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