Friday, November 6, 2009

The Arrivals - Will Change Your Life

Asalaam Alaikum My Brothers And Sisters Of This World.

I would like to direct you to one of the most important and insightful documentaries on the Internet. It is not just for a specific group of people but for everyone, regardless of what race or religion you are and will benefit anyone who is willing to give what they see a chance. Why are things the way they are around the world? Who controls the world? Why is there violence around the world? Why is Architecture so important in religion? What do George Bush, Obama and the British Queen truly have in common? What is the true meaning behind UFO's? What is the true purpose surrounding the financial meltdown around the world? Why is there so much hatred for other religions and who actually created it? These and far more important questions are answered in this documentary. It has actually been a life changing series and I have started to pray a lot more because of it.

People have found many answers through this show, which have been at a very personal level regarding their religion, no matter what faith they are, especially with the evidence that is given.

It is a series STARTED and COMPLETED on YouTube about the Anti-Christ. I know that 95% of the people who read this post will ignore it. Fair enough. I do not blame you as we are always fed boring and useless information about what to believe. I understand 110%. (Youtube has started to take the videos down because they see it as a threat for some reason or too controversial, but after watching the show, many other youtube users have uploaded other versions of it.) So if you get chance, watch it before they are completely taken down

What I am trying to say with this series is to watch it and form your own opinion. The series creators even encourage you and constantly state that they are not trying to impose anything on you but trying to make you aware of what is happening around us and the importance of your own faith, no matter what religion you believe in.

The most important word is AWARE. We should all be AWARE as to what happens around us. It is our duty to be AWARE because if we are not AWARE, things can happen right underneath our noses without us knowing the-true meaning about things and their true purpose.

Put an end to the dividing lies, and let the truth be known!

Open your eyes! Wake up!
And it's always your choice whether to believe or not! to open your eyes or not!

Official website is for the series:


Spread and share it with your network of friends. ''THIS SERIES IS A LIFE CHANGER''


Zara Arif said...

The Arrivals Don't watch the documentary named Phase 3.... Our enemies are making different versions..... The original videos are posted right here in the video section!!!

Zurfishan Burney said...

assalam o alekum, its an amazing series and really eye opener. it lifted the mist from so many unexplained phenomenas around us. may Allah let us all discover the truth ...and guide us to the right path. ameen

Mona Bint Hassan said...

I pray that you read these messages as I wanted to express my sadness that you are using the word "Mosque" to discribe the Masjid, as this word was given to our place of worship by our enemys and the meaning of the word "Mosque" is "The house of a mosquitto" a house of a blood sucking animal...

Please educate the English speaking Muslims not to use this English word to discibe our place of worship, but rather use its Arabic translation Masjid.

Inshallah this will change.

I love your site though and continue doing the great job.... humdullallah

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Just a quick question.. what is the total length of 'The Arrivals'? I have seen all the 50 parts but I know a few brothers that are telling me they have the 8hour version. Is there a 8 hr version? please clarify. JazakALLAH

Ali Ar-Ridha said...

مجهود جبار وسلسلة وثائقيه رائعه ومنظمه تستحق المشاهده اوصي الجميع بمشاهدتها وعدم تفويت اي من اجزائها بارك الله في
القائمين على العمل الرائع اضاف لي الكثير وغير مفاهيمي عن امور شتى شكرا لكم وننتظر جديدكم لتنوير العالم وافادته

Motasim Ahmed said...

you guys should also check out Bollywood xposed on youtube

Marcin Piotr Musial said...

new tune about the government Corruption, Religion, Judgement Day, 2012, New World Order, Illuminati, Eye of Horus, Eye of Ra, The All Seeing Eye, 9/11, london 7/7, dajjal, antichrist.

Check it

Haris Heljo said...


Ritika Kher said...

You can all download the entire series in DVD quality from this link:
... Read more
Google and youtube are muting the audio and also censoring most of the videos because they don't want anyone to know the truth. Download the entire series in DVD quality from the link and spread it.