Friday, October 23, 2009

We will not allow a bunch of retards hold a nation hostage.

Pakistan has been hit by a wave of suicide bombings, commando-style raids and other attacks blamed on militants which have killed more than 2,200 people in about 275 attacks since July 2007.

I seriously don't know what to say. This recent wave of attacks has reminded this nation once again that we ALL have to unite against the Taliban. How much more blood do we need to see on our streets and our cities to realize that War is upon us? It's now or never for Pakistan. I sincerely wish the Pakistan army successfully completes the operation in Waziristan. No room for traitors in our columns!

May Allah grant paradise to all innocent souls that left us and may their innocent blood be the catalyst that accelerates the demise of TTP this manner they shall forever be remembered as the martyrs of our nation who gave us something precious and everlasting, our honour and our unity. It is our duty as the educated segment of our society to make those around us aware of the threat and to reject this terror campaign as having any single legitimate cause...I just hope that the sacrifices of our fellow countrymen amount to at least this much that an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis unite in the action against the overt perpetrators and not just condemn the bombing as a tragic natural phenomenon.

May Allah guide us all and protect us all and rid us of these monsters who certainly deserve the fires of hell and nothing less.

All this terrorism has damaged the Islam and Muslims and the fact is that most of these terrorists are Muslims who are proud of their work as an act for Allah and this is how they brainwash the suicide bombers who are just teenagers...

Here is a timeline of attacks in the past 19 days:

October 23: A suicide attack kills six people near a Pakistan air force base in Kamra, about 60 kilometres west of Islamabad.
October 22: Gunmen kill a Pakistani brigadier on leave from a UN peacekeeping mission and his driver in Islamabad.
October 20: Twin suicide blasts tear through Islamabad's International Islamic University, killing five people as well as the bombers.
October 16: A suicide car bomb rips through a police investigation bureau killing 11 people and wounding 13 others in the northwest city of Peshawar.
October 15: Gunmen armed with suicide vests and grenades attack three police buildings in the eastern city of Lahore and bomb a northwest station, killing 39 people. A car bomb at a government residence in Peshawar kills a child.
October 12: A suicide bomber rips through a market as a paramilitary convoy passes in Shangla, a district neighbouring the northwest Swat valley and the target of a recent anti-Taliban offensive. About 45 people, mainly civilians, are killed. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claims responsibility.
October 10/11: Ten militants besiege army headquarters in the garrison town Rawalpindi, with 23 people killed and 39 hostages freed. The dead included 11 troops, three hostages and nine attackers. TTP claims responsibility.
October 9: A suicide car bomber kills 52 civilians and wounds more than 100 in a crowded market in northwest city Peshawar. It is the sixth attack in four months in the city, near the tribal belt on the Afghan border where tens of thousands have fled a feared offensive against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
October 5: Five UN World Food Programme workers are killed when a suicide bomber walks into their office in Islamabad and blows himself up, dressed in military uniform. The TTP claims responsibility for the attack.

We are at war to save ourselves, our country and indeed the whole world. The world should remember that if we had not made this our war, than God knows how many more 9/11s have been witnessed by now. We are suffering for the security of the world. It is Pakistan and Pakistanis who are defending the true Islam by opposing these evil's worshipers and saying to the world loudly that Islam never allows what these fiends are doing.

Don't be despair! Bad days have already started for rats.soon they will be history but nation will have to give sacrifice after all nation is form after sacrifices .Our elders gave sacrifice in 1947 now its our turn so be stand tall against rats (TTP). Fellows don’t show your emotions to your enemy, this is exactly what they want……they want us to weep, to feel misery, and to knee down in front of them… but they don’t know that with each and every single droplet of innocent blood they are shedding…..they are making us more and more strong… we will face all the consequences, but will never surrender…

Pakistan will survive, Pakistan is forever.

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