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Pakistan's Largest Reserves

Pakistan meaning the “The land of pure” where each day the sun rises with a new hope, with an enduring majesty as the rays of light flushing down towards the snowcapped peaks of Himalaya’s and Nanga Parbat. A land where love finds a meaning in the heart warming hospitability of people, a land where history and ancient civilization mystifies one’s heart, a land where spiritualism unveils its mystery at the shrines of Sufi Saints. This is the land I belong to, this is the land I’ll die for and this is the land that defines our identity.

World's 1st Largest Salt Mine:
Khewra salt mine has proven reserves of 300 million tons. This reserve could not be consumed in 600 years even at the rate of 5 lakh tons production every day.

World's 2nd Largest Coal Reserve:
Thar Coal Reserve are around 850 trillion cubic feet which are equal 400 brillion barrels of oil equal to the oil. coal reserves equal 618 billion barrels of oil.

World's 3rd Largest Gas Reserves:
Pakistan with gas reserves of 28tcf (current reserves 32.8tcf) So far about 52.7 TCF of gas reserves have been discovered of which ... In view of large indigenous reserves.

World's 4th Largest Cotton Poducer:
Pakistan as the fourth largest cotton producer, third largest cotton consumer, second largest importer and with fourth largest cotton area. Real performance is counted in terms of yield per hectare and Pakistan has yield around Kgs 650 per hectare lagging behind dozens of countries.

World's 5th largest Coppe & Gold Reserves:
The Reko Diq is a large copper-gold porphyry resource on the Tethyan belt, located in the dry desert conditions of southwest Pakistan within the remote and sparsely populated province of Baluchistan. The Tethyan belt is a prospective region for large gold-copper porphyries. Barrick has a 50% interest in Tethyan Copper Company (the other 50% is owned by Antofagasta plc), which has a 75% interest in the Reko Diq project and associated mineral interests (for a resulting 37.5% interest in Reko Diq). As of December 31, 2007, Barrick’s share of measured and indicated and inferred resources are 3.7 and 10.5 million ounces respectively. Barrick’s share of measured and indicated and inferred copper are 4.3 and 13.4 billion pounds respectively1.
Reko Diq is a giant copper and gold project in Chaghi, containing 12.3 million tons of copper and 20.9 million ounces of gold in inferred and indicated resources. The copper-gold deposits at Reko Diq are believed to be even bigger than Sarcheshmeh in Iran and Escondida in Chile. The Reko Diq copper deposits which is in the neighbourhood of Saindak copper project, is four times larger in copper ore tonnage than Saindak. The most credible international surveys suggest that Reko Diq is one of the biggest undeveloped copper projects in the world with over 11 billion pounds of copper and nine million ounces of gold.

World's 5th , :
It was amazing to know that my great country Pakistan has the 5th biggest army of the world, but this doesn’t means that the biggest is also the strongest as well, because the strongest would be the one which would have the latest technology weapons. The Pakistan Army, combined with the Navy and Air Force, makes Pakistan's armed forces the 5th largest military in the world.It has an active force of 650,000 personnel and 528,000 men in reserve that continue to serve until the age of 45 and several other groups functioning under its many umbrella organizations.

World's 6th largest Nation:
The invincible 167 million Pakistani’s progressing forward with high hopes and a mission holding an unquenchable thirst to be the world leader’s soon. Despit the chaos, despite the ill spilled by the westeren media to demoralize the nation and to uproot the patriotism from the hearts and minds of people of this country, despite the foreign funded terrorists bombing hundreds of Pakistani’s each day painting the roads red with the blood of young children, women and men. Every drop of it shouts back loud ” You can never take us down, We’ll fight back till our last breath“.

World's 7th Nuclear Power
WITH DELIVERY MECHANISMS (Pakistan is capable of launching nuclear missiles on a short notice of 10 minutes) The ballistic missile inventory of the Army is substantial. It comprises Ghauri III and Shaheen III IRBM ; medium range Ghauri I and II and Shaheen II, and short range Hatf I- B, Abdali, Ghaznavi, Shaheen I and M -11 missiles.

Country Warheads active/total* Year of first test
Five nuclear weapons states from the NPT
Flag of the United States United States 4,075 / 5,400[12] 1945 ("Trinity")
Flag of Russia Russia (former Soviet Union) 5,162 / 14,000[13] 1949 ("RDS-1")
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 160 / 185[14] 1952 ("Hurricane")
Flag of France France 300 / 300[15] 1960 ("Gerboise Bleue")
Flag of the People's Republic of China China 180 / 240[16] 1964 ("596")

Flag of India India 50 [17] 1974 ("Smiling Buddha")
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan 60 [18] 1998 ("Chagai-I")
Flag of North Korea North Korea <10 id="cite_ref-18" class="reference">[19]
Undeclared nuclear weapons states
Flag of Israel Israel 80 [20] unknown or 1979 (See Vela Incident)

World's 5th largest milk producer
Pakistan is the fourth largest milk producer in the world. About a third of the total milk produced by the rural families flows out to urban consumers and processing industries. In urban areas milk is available to common consumers in two ways: loose / unprocessed milk and packed / processed milk.

World's Top Milk Producers.

Countries 2000
India 74 71 68
United States 71 71 70
Russian Federation 33 34 36
Pakistan 22 21 20
Brazil 22 21 19
Ukraine 14 15 16
Poland 12 12 11
New Zealand 12 11 10
Australia 10 9 9
EC 125 125 125
World (includes others) 557 549 542

World's 7th largest wheat producer

Pakistan is the 7th-largest wheat producer, accounting for 2.73 percent of the world's wheat production from an area of 3.57 percent of the world's growing area. Wheat accounts for 37.1 percent of the country's total crop area, 65 percent of land used for food grain and 70 percent of the production, mainly grown under irrigated conditions. The plains, with their favorable topography, rich soil and good agriculture facilities have a much a greater acreage planted to wheat. The contribution of wheat in the value-added in agriculture stands at 12.5 percent and its share in the GDP is 3.1 percent.

World's 9th largest English Speaking Country

World's 2nd highest mountain peak K2
Pakistan the land of grand mountain ranges, a land that holds 4 out of 14 most highest peaks in the world. K2 the second highest mountain in the world with all it’s grandeur symbolizing the pride and strength of the people of Pakistan

Pakistan: K2 the 2nd highest mountain peak in the World

World's 9th Highest Peak Nanga Parbat
What it would feel like to play a sport that is wild, challenging and manly at the top of the world surrounded by the drumbeats and the music of the reed instrument. Yes Shandur Polo tournament is played every year at World’s highest Polo ground at Shandur, Northern Pakistan.
Hunza is said to be a place ” Where Time Stops and Fairy Treads“, Kalash and Chitral are the natural wonders of the world where poetic verses find their inspirations from the beauty and elegance of high peak mountains, lush green fields and the fragrant breeze singing across the poplar trees. Some of the places which are not highlighted by the media but still due to their magnitude find their places on the World record books are ; Aisa’s Highest Railway Station Kan Mehtarzai [2] that is located 2240 meters above sea level near Quetta.

Pakistan: Nanga Parbat 9th Highest Peak in the World

Pakistan: Asia's Highest Railway Station

Pakistan: Asia's Highest Railway Station "Kan Mehtarzai "

Pakistan: Shundur Polo festival at the World's highest Polo groundPakistan: Shundur Polo festival at the World's highest Polo ground

World's 8th Wonder Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway runs through the northern areas connecting Pakistan with China’s Xingjiang province is often described as ” Eighth Wonder of the World” due to the marvel of civil engineering as it has taken 15 years to complete by the Pakistan Army Engineers in collaboration with China. It’s been labeled as ” World’s highest paved international Road” under world’s toughest terrain.


World’s Largest Deep Sea Port : Gwader

“Gwa” means Air and “Dar” means door, and the word Gawadar means ” The door of the wind” is the world’s largest deep sea port lies in southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan. The design and construction of the port is carried out in collaboration with China and it has just started it’s operation.It’s going to emerge as a world’s biggest skyline due to it’s capacity and infrastructure of handling bulk carriers. It has been declared as a Duty Free Port and Free Economic Zone by the Pakistani government that has increased the commercial worth manifolds. It has an immense geostrategic importance as it is the entrance to the Persian Gulf and is considered to be a substitute of Dubai Port.

Gawader: World's Largest Deep Sea Port

World's 12th largest rice producer
Pakistan is one of the largest rice producing countries, having annual production of more than 5 million tons. Pakistan is one of the largest rice producer and exporter in the world, Pakistani rice is good in quality and different countries prefer the Pakistani Basmati rice because of its taste and aromatic nature. This year Pakistan's rice production is all set to touch the level of 6.54 million tonnes against the production of 5.50 million tonnes last year. rice industry is improving by every year and Pakistan is all set to become one of the leading asian rice producer in next 4 to 5 years, provided that the input costs remain stable. Access to last season’s strong international prices encouraged farmers to move additional planting area to rice, and as a result, MY2008/09 rice production is estimated to reach a record 6.3 million tons.

Haleji Lake : Asia’s largest Bird Sanctuary

Pakistan is a land of serene beauty , a country with diverse wild life , fresh water lakes, a 1046 km coast lines. Some of the most unique species of birds are found in northern Pakistan with awe-inspiring natural wonders like Lake Saiful Maluk, Lake Shandur, Dudipatsar Lake, kutwal lake, Zalzal lake and many more. But Haleji has it’s own significance as it is Asia’s largest waterfowl reserve. During winter thousands of birds of different species fly down to Haleji from Siberian colder areas

Pakistan: Fairy land Shandur Lake

Pakistan: The heavenly Shandur Lake

Thar Desert : One amongst the largest deserts in the World

Thar is a arid region in the north western part of Indian subcontinent, it lies mostly in Indian state of Rajasthan but it covers eastern Sindh province and the southeastern portion of Pakistan’s Punjab province. It is amongst one of the largest deserts in the world rich multifaceted culture, heritage, traditions, folk tales, dances and music. The poetic expression of Kafi written by Sufi poets of Sindh resonates in the cold nights as the Thari musicians start singing them on sorrowing rhythmic beats. In the night the granules of the sand lit up like stars as the moonlight walks on them.

Pakistan: Tharparker

Pakistan: Tharparker

The land of oldest Civilization : Indus Valley and Mohenjo-Daro

Moenjodaro is the province of Sindh, Pakistan and archeology trace back it exitence 5000 years ago. It provides an earliest instance of exemplary form of town planning and community organization and found to be as one of the oldest cities known today. It is said to be the pilgrimage of ancient ruins. The splendor of Indus Valley civilization spread over a thousand mile from the high peak snowy mountains of Kashmir to the glittering sand dunes facing the Arabian Sea. One of the oldest known civilization that flourished in the Indus river Basin embraced within its fold almost the entire country now known as Pakistan.

One of the oldest Civilization Known today

One of the oldest Civilization Known today

Only few countries on earth are lucky enough to have that much natural resources. Then why are we at this stage ?

What differentiates us from others? It’s all about ‘mindset’. Nothing will change as long as the ‘mindset’ of the leaders and the people remains that of beggars.

These natural resources wouldn't be of any use, unless we don't finish these extremists, who are trying their best to conqueror Pakistan.

We're shameless now. We can't blame our leadership for everything. When we can force government to restore the CJ, who is of no use. Then why can't we force the government to impose a full scale war against these Talibans ? Many rich people have left Pakistan just because of these suicide bombings, have you ever imagine how many families have suffered because of losing their jobs after those businessmen left Pakistan ?

We really need to take a stand. Please, for Allah's sake, for Muhammad (P.B.U.H) sake.

Tell me how many of us know about it ..remember the total debt on Pakistani Nation is $38b, Now the question is why Pakistani media and Govt is silent about it? Why it is being kept a secret from Pakistani Nation?

Think about it.

Long Live Pakistan.

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Anonymous said...

Its great information about Pakistan... I m very impressed by your research, hardworking and patriotism... May ALLAH (SWT) always shower blessing on U n keep u safe n healthy (AAMIN)...

Gohram said...

Reko Diq is a small town in Chagai District, Balochistan . World's largest Gold and Copper reserves are found in Reko Diq
Tethyan Copper of Australia has taken the contract to develop this mine. Barrick Gold Corporation of Canada and Antofagasta of Chile have a joint-ownership of the copper-gold deposit at Reko Diq.
The Reko Diq deposit is being explored by Tethyan Copper Company Pty Ltd (75%) and the (BDA)Balochistan Development Authority (25%). Tethyan Copper Company is held jointly (50:50) by Barrick Gold Corporation and Antofagasta Minerals.

It has been sold to the Zionist controlled regimes by the Pakistani Government under the dictator at a price of $21 billion. Rough estimates suggest that the gold and copper at the surface accounts for $65 billion worth of deposits. how many of us know about it ...remember the total debt on Pakistani Nation is $38Billion.

Anonymous said...

Very Informative regarding Pakistan...good work

Hadi said...

Very nicely gathered information. It is good to see that we have so much of natural resources, we are rich in talent and skills but still we are not standing as a nation. We just do it on natural disasters and the rest of the times we are the enemies of each other.

I must appreciate your blog and would be happy if I can add any value to it.

Anonymous said...

Yes Pakistan is so good.
Still following a pedophile prophet who killed, enslaved and raped people.
instead of following the REAL prophet Jesus, who made lame walk and blind see, and even raise dead!! fuck the true miracles?? allah said follow me or DIE, and so you do!
While spreading terror to all your naighbours and other countries.

I spit on Pakistan!! the land of the Pure (ignorants)

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