On Monday UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres appealed for international solidarity in support of hundreds of thousands of displaced Pakistani civilians.

“The total number of displaced Pakistanis registered by authorities with UNHCR help since May 2 has now reached more than 360,000 people. Not everyone is registered and people continue to flee, many arriving only with what they can carry on their backs,” Guterres said. “These are the same people who for decades showed great generosity to millions of Afghan refugees. Now it is time for the international community to show them the same generosity by supporting humanitarian programs for the Pakistani displaced.”

Thank you to all of you who have already generously donated. So far with your help, UNHCR airlift arrived in Islamabad this afternoon carrying 14,000 plastic sheets, 1,500 large roles of plastic to build shelters for displaced families, 10,000 mosquito nets and two large, portable warehouses.

But the scale and the severity of the crisis is expected to grow. UNHCR’s efforts will depend on additional help from people like you.

How you can help:

$50 can register 150 displaced Pakistanis in order to assess their needs and trace their families.
$100 can give a survival kit including blankets and cooking stove.
$200 can provide an all-weather tent to shelter a displaced family.

How can you donate:


Donation goes toward: “Pakistan Appeal”
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Thank you for your support.

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