Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pakistan official sees Mumbai pattern in Lahore attack

Lahore: The attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan on Tuesday bore the hallmarks of the same militants that carried out the attack on Mumbai in November, a senior Pakistan official said on Tuesday.
Around dozen heavily armed assailants attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team's bus and a police escort as they drove to a stadium in the Pakistani city of Lahore. He said the police had surrounded the area where the attackers were believed to be now holed up.
"I want to say it's the same pattern, the same terrorists who attacked Mumbai," Salman Taseer, governor of central Punjab province, told reporters at the site of the attack. "They are trained criminals. They were not common people. The kind of weaponry they had, the kind of arms they had, the way they attacked ... they were not common citizens, they were obviously trained."
“I visited (the Sri Lankan) team. They are fine but have some injuries. I am confirming that no player is critical," he said.
Ten gunmen killed 179 people in Mumbai between November 26-28 last year.
India alleges the plot was hatched in Pakistan and backed by people with links to Pakistani intelligence agencies.

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Faraz Siddiqui said...

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