Monday, March 30, 2009

29 killed in Lahore police training school attack

29 people have been killed and 90 injured in an attack at police training center in Manawaan.

According to sources, a series of at least five blasts were heard at the training centre at Manawan, located near the Wagah border, and the explosions were followed by an exchange of fire between the attackers and policemen that is still underway.

Most of the casualties occurred near the gate of the centre, and officials said about 850 trainee policemen were present within at the facility. According to DIG Mumtaz Sukhara, the exact number of attackers was not known.

Reports said the gunmen lobbed several grenades as they launched their attack and then fired indiscriminately.

Hundreds of policemen, including members of an elite anti-terrorism squad, were rushed to the centre. They surrounded the facility and cordoned off the area. Police also fired teargas at the attackers.

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