Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reasons Why the Nation Loves Pakistan Army

Ask the flood victims. These soldiers are the saints, when they sing, “The saints are coming.”

Because each soldier of the Pakistan Army has a million proud mothers across the country to pray for his safety.

Because they are born to save.

Because they get into the roots of the people to inquire their pains.

Because you look for a savior in them.

Because they know where their Heaven lies.

Because they’re the chosen ones – The messiah for the pariah.

Because they have so many other fronts to fight; Rescue, Code Red, Humanity are the only words they’ve known.

They are the ones who we believe in. They are the ones who teach us a life-code.

I salute each and every troop who constitutes the Pakistan Army. May Allah make you grow in stature, forever and always.

This blog post was prescribed through Pakistan Army’s twitter account and was also quoted by Defense.Pk authorities. *Photos provided by: Inter Services Public Relations – Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

simply salute to pak army....
May Allah pak protect our nation

Angel said...

Salute to the Men At Their Best...
May ALLAH bless them,

xuxu said...

no doubt army play a big role at the time of disaster. specially in developing countries bcoz developing countries has no good and efficient disaster management team. i think it's a better use of army and it's huge fund which spend on army.

Zoha said...

We support our Army but lets not forget that throughout the world it is Army that does operations whenever there is a large scale clamity.

It is Army’s job to do that. Only in Pakistan it is seen as something as a proof that Army is better than civilians. We, the civilians, pay for the Army. Pakistan Army Zindabad!

Major Saad Malik said...

Jazak Allah Friend!

We need your support and encourgement to take this effor ahead.