Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life of a Siachin Soldier - ISPR Documentary

ISPR Documentary has won the first prize in the International Film Festival "Eserciti-e-popoli" (armies and people) held at Bracciano, Rome (Italy). Armed Forces Representatives from 20 countries participated in the contest where 150 documentaries were screened in different categories. Maintaining the tradition, Pakistan Army’s documentary "Life of a Siachin Soldier" has won the first prize in the category of training and was awarded Chief of Army Staff trophy. Brigadier Syed Azmat Ali was the project Director of this Documentary and Col Syed Mujtaba Tirmizi, executive Director and Producer. Besides Dr Hassan as Producer and Captain Sadia Saleem as Assistant Director. It may be pertinent to mention here that ISPR is winning positions in the Festival since 1994. Last Year ISPR won two awards in this competition.

Documentary is about life at Siachin Glacier, also known as the third Pole, Siachin is one of the most beautiful, enigmatic and spell bounding place on earth. This frozen stagnant Landscape lies in the midst of the greatest mountains of the world and this area and these mountains can easily be considered as Art. "Art created by God himself".

The peace and serenity of this place was disturbed in 1984 due to Indian incursion, thus this place became the highest battle field on earth. It is unlike any other war, here the soldiers besides fighting the enemy also have to fight the rigours of weather and nature. This documentary is a befitting tribute to our heroes of Siachin.


A Documentary "Life of a Siachen Soldier" produced by ISPR, won an International Film Festival Award at Bracciano, Rome (Italy).




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