Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pakistan Demolish India in Championship Trophy 2009.

We send our salutations and regards to the Pakistani Cricket Team who fought like soldiers and will bring the trophy home. Leaving the whole tournament on one side the first and foremost thought and match on every ones mind is always Pakistan Vs India and yes we have done it, Pakistan have won from India. All of the Indian team demolished near 250 after a tense match. This match was nothing less then a great Pak India Cricket match which is always the most Interesting for Cricket Lovers around the world and Pakistani Team have showed their metal in winning tense matches once again.

The highlight of the match was the batting partnership between Muhammad Yousaf and the highest run holder of the tournament Malik. Spin balling did a hell of a job and really put the pressure on India making it difficult for the side which had a Run rate superior than Pakistani Team through out the match. Some of the best moments included the fumbling catch from Umar Gul and the out of Dhoni. The confusion created by Pakistani exceptional fielding resulted in the last Pin of India falling i.e. Dravid after which Indians all around the Sub Continent had lost hope. 170 million people rejoice while a billion spend a sleepless night of anger.

The rather disturbing performance of Umar Gul after his really good track record was also a problem and the only thing Pakistan needs to focus on right now is the huge number of extras that are being given and the absence of all rounder Razzaq from the team. His experience will truly make a winning combination of the lethal Assets Pakistani Team holds.

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Mz said...

Its a great win by Pakistan against the rival