Wednesday, August 19, 2009

JINNAH: India Partition Independence By Jaswant Singh

I admire Jaswant Singh for his guts for writing a book about Mr. Jinnah. I think Jaswant Sing’s remarks are on justice. Everyone who is realistic and realize on the facts, will accept that Mr. Jinnah was a great leader. He needed one united India, he did not start Indo-Pak movement in the begining but after non sincerety of congress he left congress and join Muslim League and started Indo-Pak movement.

I salut Jaswant Sing that he accept the fact. Every indian and every Pakistani should accept this fact.

Mr. Jaswant Singh told whatever in his book is all about responsible element of partition of India
Mollana Abdul Kalaam Aazad also told same topic about in his book INDIA WINS FREEDOM
i think it is all about a ideology that responsible for human blood.

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah is hero of our nation (founder of the Nation) , and for our neighbours - the main Villain who caused the partition of India. So how come the Villain in India , suddenly is in the major headlines and that too , contrary to their viewpoint?

The view-point of both the nations obviously differ. We know the Pakistani view point, that is the Do Qaumi Nazarya (Two-Nation Theory) and Jinnah being the saviour of Muslims of India. On the other side, Indian’s think that Jinnah is responsible for communal violance and division of Indian where millions were killed in the aftermath.

So at this point in time Jaswant Singh has just released a book about our founder “Jinnah: India,Partition,Independence” and he has presented a different view of the leader, in which he has glorified Jinnah as oppose to past criticism; and rather shockingly termed Nehru as one of the principal architects of India’s partition. Lets look at some of the highlights from news reports, as to what Jaswant Singh says about this book and Jinnah;

“If I were not drawn to the personality I wouldn’t have written the book. It’s an intricate, complex personality, of great character, determination”

“It was historically not tenable to see Mr Jinnah as the villain of 1947, It is not borne out of the facts… we need to correct it… Muslims saw that unless they had a voice in their own economic, political and social destiny they will be obliterated.”

“Jinnah’s Muslim League wins all the Muslim seats and yet they don’t have sufficient numbers to be in office because the Congress Party has, without even a single Muslim, enough to form a government and they are outside of the government. So it was realised that simply contesting elections was not enough… All of this was a search for some kind of autonomy of decision making in their own social and economy destiny”.

“Mr Jinnah was a great man because he created something out of nothing”

“He single-handedly stood against the might of the Congress Party and against the British who didn’t really like him … Gandhi himself called Jinnah a great Indian. Why don’t we recognise that? Why don’t we see (and try to understand) why he called him that?”

“He fought the British for an independent India but also fought resolutely and relentlessly for the interest of the Muslims of India … the acme of his nationalistic achievement was the 1916 Lucknow Pact of Hindu-Muslim unity”.

“He was a self-made man. Mahatma Gandhi was the son of a Diwan. All these (people) — Nehru and others — were born to wealth and position. Jinnah created for himself a position. He carved in Bombay, a metropolitan city, a position for himself. ‘He was so poor he had to walk to work … he told one of his biographers there was always room at the top but there’s no lift. And he never sought a lift.”

So what do you think ! we all Pakistanis know he was a great leader and are proud of him. Why would a Nationalist Indian be naive enough to go the other way !

جسونت سنگھ کی کتاب کے اجراء کے موقع پر ہندوستان اور پاکستان کے دانشوروں نے اس کے مخلتف پہلوؤں پر روشنی ڈالی، دہلی سے صلاح الدین کی رپورٹ


Arjun said...

gandhi called jinnah a great Indian. A pakistani should be proud have a father of nation to be a great Indian (prime foe). why shoudn’t a pakistani be proud of jinnah who did not had guts to stand by democratic verdict and calculate his political future in advace. anyways, god gave him capital punishment for millions killed by vertue of partition.

Gary Singh said...

i totally agree…being a nationalist indian yet a true admirer of kaide azam…most of the politicians in india tries to over shadow anything and everything that could even possibilly build a positive environment between indo pak…i, personally have felt it, being a sikh

Bilal Ahmed said...

Well this incident clearly reveals the claim of secular India .. much more is tolerated here in Pakistan .. I remember another person had to lose a post in BJP for saying Jinnah was secular a few years back ..

Tamilians said...

Look into the eyes of the Muslims that live in India and you truly see the pain with which they live. We treat them as aliens. Without doubt Muslims have paid the price of Partition. … Same way now the narrow minded Congress Leadership (led by Sonia Gandhi) and her government and Congress leaders pushing Tamilians towards separation to have separate home land for them by supporting the Sri Lankan Government to kill more than 1,80,000 innocent Tamilians……

By a Indian said...

I blame the politicians, in dubai people from pakistan and people from India are sharing the same room, living as friends, i got trained from a pakistan driver to attain my driving license, when ever i am sick all my friends from pakistan are helping me, when ever i get into problem or when ever they get into problem we are helping each other.

Come and see the unity of the people living in UAE. Stop fighting, the white color criminals made all these partitions for their own benefits, lets think about our childern and their future and the countries wealth.

Both India and pakistan are victims are terror. Let solve this problem now so that future generation will live in peace atleast.

ezza_tariq said...

people its not only da governments...most of the people in india think that pakistan is a terrorist state n whatever!!...da point is they donot want to change there point of view about pakistan n jinnah ....i would like to get this to your attention that some of da people in india wrote such things about QUAID-E-AZAM:

"jinnah house in mumbai should be turned into a public toilet..."

n more u can see on this address..


Anonymous said...

download the book at

Salman Mughal said...
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Salman Mughal said...

Dear Pakistanis & Indians!

First of All, don't Quarrel, you are from same need to fight.
the debate about the Jaswant singh is not winning of anyone but it is the matter to be considered on justice.

Mr. Jaswant told his thinking with facts that reason partition of India and Pakistan......
hey All! why don't you understand that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations although we are from same origin and language but we have different systems of know if Muslims were in India after Britishers in one country...... really you were in huge trouble ....because both Hindus and Muslims would had been struggling for their own system of living in the country India.............Why because at that time (partition) both were not agreeing on the point of adjusting each other at the matter of giving ruling rights....... both were at turmoil .....Quaid-e-Azam strove hard to achieve Hindu Muslim unity more than 32 years but ........every thing was cleared that both can not live together under one system ........that was the time better to give them their own way to live......i mean states .. solution of living with peace and do not attack each other system of living....whats wrong in that? is nothing but people are important....India and Pakistan are two brothers now, have same origin and language can easily live in peace and love's more luring for prosperity of both........forget Pakistan and India as enemy....why should not we combine irrespective of boarders..........if West & South Germany can combine or Europe can so many examples in previous history then why can't we do....surely we can live peacefully once we accept that we are two brothers living in our own system.................

Similarly, addressing the question..........why other Muslims are living in india.... it is same like Hindus are living in Pakistan as minority........because both consider their homeland .....they don't want to migrate ....its ok ...they should live there in respective system but systems should be justice-able enough to accommodate them.... not harassing their human and religious rights ....otherwise same trouble will occur like at the time of partition......i think if we were able to take this point justly at that time, there was no reason of partition........Muslim should be given compassionate hand or trust as they were great looser being ruler before't ?

Second question.....Mr. Jaswant wrote the facts he felt........but you do not .......nothing least analyse things on just basis without bias, least don't mind have played well you have your own country and we have don't bother

Finally......don't take Jaswant singh talking amiss............he is politician , thinker he thought........however we should forgive the blunders of past and come up for good future hence forth..........think about justice ....peace will come.......GOD Bless to All.......Entire Indo-Pakistan, South Asia subcontinent