Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Is Calling You!

h The aggressors!

Oh The killers of the Innocent !

When the tide of time turns against you,

When 'mis' is added before your 'fortune',

When the trigger of the gun goes to your victims,

When you are pounded with the rain of bombs

Call me, my dear sisters ,brothers and sons!

I will come to sacrifice my life for your sake.

Today my faint voice for you is a mad man's cry,

You are inebriated with the power of air, land and sea,

Tomorrow when you are forlorn, with empty hands,

Weeping over the heaps of dead and wailing injured,

Call me, my dear sisters ,brothers and sons!

I will silence their revenge with the Triumph of Mecca

Today is the time for you to learn from the past,

The Biblical parables are enough to show you the path;

The aggressors have always met their ugly fate,

When the aggressed of today stand on your chest,

Call me, my dear sisters ,brothers and sons!

I will placate their fury with the verses of Holy Book.

When the pangs of conscience make you sleepless,

When you are left with nothing but regret and remorse,

When the images of today frighten you with every breath ,

When the memory of your vicious deeds makes you numb,

Call me, my dear sisters ,brothers and sons!

I will console you as I have a human heart.


ghostwriter said...

Do you believe the US should intervene militarily...on whose behalf??
Share your voice!!

Faraz Siddiqui said...

Speak to a family in Gaza ring 0097082826***(3 random numbers)
i spoke to 2 families they were so happy we care.. Pleas Call

Anonymous said...

i think enuff is enuff,all muslim leaders should wake up.this is a wakeup call for muslim ummah,regardless who we are shia,sunni,wahabi,salafi,we should get united and destroy our enemy which is ISRAEL.bigest terrorist in the world,and fita,may allah destroy all our enemies and wake muslim ummah,ameen

Moderator said...

There are many Christians around the world and in the U.S. where I live, who pray for you, and who seek to communicate to our government this horror. Pray that Obama will not be blinded by the Jewish lobby.

We cry out for you in his horror.
May God used this global network to get the truth out.

The chief problem we have here,
is when Hamas is firing missiles are Israel...all understand the right to defense

Sacrificing your children so the world can SEE is the wrong way.

fatma said...

my heart is bleeding for the horrors we²see every day but mostly for the world's silence we humain beigns of the 21st century we who claim civilisation progress we who vowched to never let chaos run us again we are standing helpless infront of the black dawn of humanity the powerfull hatered of men.we must wake up do something anything if not for the sake of children women and old people in palestine let it be for us to prove to ourselves that we still can feel other's pain that we ain't dead yet that we still humains.........